100 YearsThe Movie Youll Never See

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This month at the Cannes Film Festival, the new movie starring John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete) will be showcasedif by showcased, you mean the vault in which the physical film is sealed will be displayed in the by-invitation only Louis XIII Suite at the H担tel Le Majestic Barri竪re Cannes.

The movie is literally titled, 100 YearsThe Movie You Will Never See. Its a never done before concept that envisions Earth 100 years from now, and is set to be released on November 18th, 2115, a release date out of the current range of the average human lifespan.

WTF, you may be saying to yourself, especially once youve been tantalized with the Blade-Runneresque teasers. However, the project, written by Malkovich, is designed to be a cinematic time capsule to see how closely the filmmakers vision of future reality compares to actual reality in the year 2115.

The films storyline has been a closely guarded secret. All we know is that the film stars Malkovich, Marko Zaror, and Shya Chang and is set in the year 2115. The custom-built safe that holds the physical film reel utilizes a time-release technology and can only be opened once the 100 year countdown is completed on November 18, 2115.

Even those involved with the film, will have to wait until its release date.

Its the first time Ive done anything like this, said Rodriguez, in an interview with IndieWire. I was intrigued by the whole concept of working on a film that would be locked away for a hundred years. They even gave me silver tickets for my descendants to be at the premiere in Cognac in 2115. How cool is that? What John and I wanted it to be was a work of timeless art that can be enjoyed in 100 years. Im very proud of it even if only my great grandkids and hopefully my clone will be around to watch.

Some have dismissed the project as an elaborate publicity stunt for Louis XIII Cognac, with the movie being a tribute to the century of careful craftsmanship required to create each decanter of the luxury liquor. Seeking a work of art that could speak to the brands commitment to time-aged quality, the company brought on Malkovich and Rodriguez to create the vehicle.

Louis XIII is a true testament to the mastery of time and we sought to create a proactive piece of art that explores the dynamic relationship of the past, present and future, said global executive director of Louis XIII, Ludovic du Plessis.

“There were several options when the project was first presented of what [the future] would be, said Malkovich. An incredibly high tech, beyond computerized version of the world, a post-Chernoybl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilization and then there was a retro future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940s or 50s.”

All three have been represented in a series of teasers:

While most of us will not be around to see how closely the film nails our future reality, theres no doubt that the world is poised for incredible change in the near future due to all the technology advances around us, particularly developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation. Self driving cars are a reality, smarter devices and machines mean more integrated city and global infrastructures. Better data analytics mean more predictive technologies in all industries including health care, security and social sciences. And hopefully, bots will one day be much more helpful after they learn to stay away from the bad kids. AMAX is highly invested in pushing our world towards a smart technology tipping point by assisting developers in AI and machine learning to develop intelligent technologies through its Deep Learning Solutions. Beyond that, 100 years from now, its anyones guess. But as Rodriguez said, with any luck, our clones will be there to decide if 100 Years was just a glorified publicity stunt, or well worth the wait.

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NVIDIA DGX-1: The Game Changer That Took Deep Learning To Ludicrous Speed

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HPCLast week, NVIDIA made a groundbreaking announcement, launching their mega-powerful NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning System at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. As a purpose-built Deep Learning solution featuring 7TB of SSD storage and a whopping 170 TFlops performance, the DGX-1 was rightfully marketed as the worlds first and most powerful Deep Learning Supercomputer-in-a-Box, 12x faster than any previous GPU-accelerated solution that has come before.

The NVIDIA DGX-1 is not a configurable server, or a component that must be integrated into a larger Deep Learning system. It is a turnkey, plug-and-play solution featuring eight Pascal-based Tesla P100 cards installed in a hybrid mesh cube configuration, interconnected with NVIDIA NVLink. The system comes fully integrated with hardware and software designed specifically for deep learning development. It even comes with NVIDIA -backed support, software upgrades and a cloud management portal, so that companies have all the tools they need at their fingertips to quickly train neural networks with the processing power necessary to create viable Deep Learning applications.

Lord Dark HelmetWith the DGX-1, NVIDIA has now given developers a powerful engine with which to radically reduce training and inference time, fast tracking new products and features based on AI or machine learning to market at the speed of innovation. This is critical for a technology on the brink of changing our world and the way machines interact with and enrich it. Like the gold rush and space race, companies are racing to develop applications to take advantage of a wide open opportunity to create smarter and smarter applications.

That is why AMAX was chosen as an official NVIDIA Technology Partner authorized to take pre-orders for the DGX-1 Deep Learning System. The DGX-1 was purpose-built to help researchers and data scientists achieve new milestones in creating AI applications, said Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager of GRID and DGX-1 at NVIDIA. AMAXs extensive expertise in delivering deep learning solutions will be of considerable value to customers incorporating this one-of-a-kind supercomputing platform into their data centers to power their most demanding deep learning workloads.

During his keynote opening GTC 2016, Jen-Hsun Huang saw deep learning as not just a niche application, but a world-changing computing platform that one day every application will depend on. The number of companies involved in deep learning has just exploded, Huang said. Every internet service provider, every major computing company, the type of applications for deep learning to enhance the smartness of our applications, to enhance the greater insight that we can derive from large data is really crazy. Intelligent video analysis, surveillance will never be the same. Intelligent video tagging, image tagging, recognizing images, image search, voice, translation, a universal translatorapplications like Twitter, Uber and all these other amazing applications are all now powered by deep learning. The recommendations engines of movies and Amazon are going to go through a whole new phase of renaissance.

Tesla GP100 GPUEvery industry is touched by deep learning development. Exciting projects include self-driving cars, social media, AI and robotics, medical imaging and diagnosis, personalized online retail experiences and many more that seem to break ground every day. With the entrance of the DGX-1, this could provide the tipping point for building applications which are, if not as smart as humans, smart enough to cater to real human needs and desires.

The DGX-1 software stack includes all major Deep Learning frameworks, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, the DIGITS GPU training system, drivers, and CUDA. This allows Deep Learning developers to construct deep neural networks (DNN) in their preferred machine learning framework, backed by the diagnostics and support offered by NVIDIA. No less important, the DGX-1 has been designed so that Xeon compute, Tesla compute and networking options can be upgraded independently. This transforms the DGX-1 into a total solution that can be deployed in-house within a matter of minutes.

Deep Learning not just the IT buzzword of 2016, but something quickly becoming the key to an entire paradigm shift in technology and the world in which we live. Because it has real world application in almost every industry and facet of life, from enterprise to academia to consumer, the development to date has only scratched the surface of its game-changing potential. But regardless of how you choose to utilize Deep Learning/Machine Learning in your application or development, there is no doubt that DGX-1 can get you there, like a bullet train. With the DGX-1, developers now have access to a deep-learning system with 12X higher application performance than any previous GPU-accelerated solution. That would be the equivalent of a years worth of development completed in a single month! If the glory (and the money) goes to the one who reaches the breakthrough first, the DGX-1 may well have just leveled the playing field.

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Cloud Computing Ramps Up With Intel速 Xeon速 E5-2600 v4 Processor

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Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processorWith the launch of the new Intel速 Xeon速 E5-2600 v4 series processor, cloud computing is about to take a big step forward. Starting today, Intel is releasing the latest processor in their Xeon based Broadwell-EP product line. With 22 cores/44 threads per CPU, DDR4 2400MHz memory support, and built-in features geared towards software-defined computing solutions, this next-generation microprocessor is uniquely suited to handle the evolving needs of cloud and data center infrastructures.

According to the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud, more than 95% of businesses are using a cloud of some sort for Enterprise IT, while 71% are experimenting with hybrid cloud adoption. More importantly, companies are far more likely to shift Enterprise workloads to the cloud in times of need, and for the first time ever, companies are citing cloud cost management as a bigger concern than security. This is where the new E5-2600 v4 processor (Intel Grantley) can be so valuable in the dual-socket market space.

Cloud Computing ModelsWith an increased core count, HyperThreading capabilities, and enhanced workload optimization, the v4 processor is far more efficient when it comes to cloud computing (IaaS) and data-intensive applications related to the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). With the Intel Grantley v4 platform, you are basically getting 10% more performance than the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3, for the same cost.

This comparative performance increase can be leveraged to even greater effect when the E5-2600 v4 is paired with data center servers that can be run on open standards like Apache Hadoop and OpenStack. For example, CB3 (Cloud Basic Building Blocks) is an Enterprise-class server series that utilizes a modular building block design to maximize efficiency in cloud infrastructures, so that companies can easily scale up even as they experiment with different workloads and applications.

Converged Cloud Infrastructure

The CB3 product line offers a range of uniquely cost-effective solutions for companies that have yet to refine a cloud strategy, because servers can be utilized as building blocks, or as vertically-integrated rack solutions that are delivered fully-tested, pre-loaded with software, and ready to start generating value upon power up. This modular approach is ideal for cloud service providers who need the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of applications, while still minimizing operational overhead.

So while the state of the cloud is still in flux, the performance enhancements of the v4 series, combined with a fresh take on cloud infrastructure management, are encouraging signs for companies that want the flexibility of scalable cloud solutions that can ramp up at a moments notice.

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7 Keys To Creating A Championship Culture

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Kawhi Leonard

For anyone watching the Golden State Warriors on their record-breaking championship run, last Saturdays game against conference rivals, the San Antonio Spurs, was a marquee matchup between two teams each having historical seasons. It was a definitive showcase of what each team must overcome for either to be named this years champion.

The Warriors entered the game with a record of 62-6, two games ahead of the pace set by the 1995-96 Bulls who own the single season wins record at 72-10. Despite being on pace to be the winningest team in NBA history, the Warriors must contend with the Spurs who are not far behind them with a record of 58-10 for 2nd place in the Western Conference. The win against the Warriors on Saturday gave the Spurs 44 consecutive wins at home, tying the infamous Bulls team for the second-longest home win streak in NBA history. The first? This years Warriors.

History-making basketball aside, one thing that sets these two elite teams apart is a major characteristic that has equal bearing to business leaders:


How does a strong culture create a winning organization, and what are the characteristics of a championship culture?

Golden State Warriors

Death Squad

The Warriors had a long history spanning decades of struggle before the ownership of the team was sold in 2010 to a group headed by Peter Guber, founder of Mandalay Entertainment, and Joe Lacob, a partner in a highly successful VC firm. The new owners were intent to run the Warriors organization as a successful enterprise, making an unprecedented decision to hire Bob Myers, then a top sports agent, to serve as general manager and chief architect of the new Warriors franchise.

After a series of moves reorganizing the team and the organization, the Warriors stunned the world in 2015, winning the championship as an underdog, carried out by an unlikely group of talented young players under a first year coach. Observers of the team claim the secret to their success was that as a team, they all genuinely liked each other and displayed a collective unselfishness and willingness to make personal sacrifices for the good of the whole.

San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan

Similarly, the Spurs have been long-defined by their unselfishness as a team. As a dominant franchise for decades, they have been seemingly immune to the ebbs and flows of personnel changes normal to the sports world. The trademark of the Spurs culture is a team-first focus on discipline and excellence in execution. Known for working as a well-oiled machine both on the court and as a business entity with global reach, it comes as no surprise that those within the organization refer to themselves as a program, one in which the parts may change, but the overall quality of the entity remains the same due to the strength of the program. The organization has consistently maintained a high level of achievement, having made 19 straight playoff appearances including a championship most recently in 2014.

Keys To A Championship Culture

Though each organization possesses a different culture, and they each have a different approach to how they architect key components, both have fundamental similarities in terms of how theyve structured their value systems. These fundamental principles can be directly leveraged for running a successful business with a winning culture.

1) Hire Character

San Antonio Spurs

In an interview at Dreamforce last year, Warriors GM Bob Myers was asked what is the key to building a successful organization. He unequivocally answered, find people who exhibit the highest character.

People are the key to a successful organization and you have to get the people part right. In any organization, talent is very important, but talent must come with character. Character is measured by not just how a person acts when things are going well, but who the person is in the face of adversity. Business is inherently competitive, particularly in the tech industry. Staying relevant requires staying on top of technology thats constantly changing, staying ahead of competitors who are constantly improving, and relying on people who work harder and smarter in the face of adversity.

If you hire good, hardworking, passionate people who are talented in their respective disciplines and have a history of being winners, they tend to pull each other up, thus setting an expectation of winning. If you put enough people in a room who hate to lose and want to compete every single day, they are not going to settle and are not going to allow each other or the company to settle. This sets the foundation for an elite culture.

2) Team First

Golden State Warriors

Rick Welts, President & COO of the Warriors, believes the key to a healthy, functional culture is one that puts the individual egos aside for the good of the team. Sometimes you need to set aside what you would like to do, for what the organization needs to do, he said.

Bob Myers believes that if a company has a strong culture and is paying employees a fair wage, the employees should love what they are doing beyond the money. They should be engaged in the companys goals, and both appreciative and supportive of the different roles within the company that are needed to make things happen. Strong leaders will make all team members feel they are an integral part of what the company is trying to do as well as a part of the success. This practice serves to further strengthen the core values of the organization and keep all contributors motivated.

Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich intentionally strives for something he calls relationship excellence, a concept that is embedded within the Spurs organization. He makes a conscious effort to recruit players who are selfless and value teamwork, who understand they are just a piece of the puzzle. He builds an organization in which the people care about each other and are genuinely interested in each other. This is even more true for those in positions of leadership. Popovich goes to great lengths to value his players and staff as people versus assets, knowing that the more invested the organization is in its people, the more the people are invested in the organization, thus creating a culture of positive motivation and sustainable success.

3) Open-Minded Leadership

Steve Kerr

An organizations culture is set top down. Leadership needs to have the self-confidence to recognize a good idea, no matter where or from whom it comes. Leadership that shares credit where credit is due enforces the motivation of the team to continue putting the team first. People need to feel their organization and their leaders truly support them.

Furthermore, both the Warriors and Spurs organizations put an emphasis on communication. They want people who are participatory, who can engage in honest, open-minded, solution-oriented discussions. They see that a healthy culture has communication that goes both ways, and values contributions from all members of the organization, no matter the position or department. End of the day, teams understand that decision makers are paid to make decisions, but leadership that is engaged, transparent and puts conscious value on making informed decisions will put themselves in the best position to cultivate trust and loyalty from their troops.

4) Permission To Fail

Loose Ball Turnover

Its expected that not all decisions will be successful, but its the act of allowing people up and down within the organization to take calculated risks that paves the way to success. This is another key to a winning culture.

It starts at the topto allow your organization the permission to fail is a very, very powerful thing, said Rick Welts. Dont fail at the same thing twice, but you have every opportunitysome things are going to work, some are not going to work, but if you really want to be thought leaders and industry leaders, that doesnt come without taking risks. And for an organization to embrace that thinking, were going to get it right more often than not but were not afraid to take risks to get to that better place.

5) Continuous Improvement

Pre-Game Warmup

No matter where your company is in terms of market position, things can change at any moment, so a company with a culture of success, who hires high character employees who are inherently unwilling to settle, is going to continuously focus on improvement and be in the best position to reach (and exceed) its highest potential.

Steph Curry followed up a championship season and MVP award to work harder than ever on his game during the off season.

Theres no sense of entitlement, theres no sense ofI was MVP, said teammate Draymond Green. Its working to get better, and thats who hes always been.

Kawhi Leonard, the emerging heartbeat and lockdown specialist of the Spurs, spent the summer after their 2014 championship going through grueling three-a-day workouts, lifting NFL-caliber weight, determined to come back stronger and better the next year.

Having a championship culture means you dont stop improving, even after youve won a championship. It means you cultivate a culture of competition, both within the individual and within the organization, to constantly strive for what you can do better, for what you can achieve, for how to create separation from competitors. It means you keep informed of what other people in the field are doing and why, so you can make informed decisions to put your business in the strongest position possible.

6) Define Winning

Championship Celebration

While basketball teams have a clearly defined, tangible goal (championship), this may not be as clear for businesses. Companies must define what winning means to their specific companies, as this goal becomes ingrained in their culture. Does it mean more market share? Innovative products? Does it mean better customer service? Becoming a brand that customers trust? By giving a specific direction for what it considers winning, a company sets its vision and culture on a specific set of values. This can be further reinforced with tangible goals by which employees can measure their success in achieving the companys objectives. A company that defines what winning means for its culture and then sets tangible benchmarks at every level of the organization reinforces the team-first, constant-improvement-for-the-win concept.

When you work for a company that is money first, winning second, the people know it, said Bob Myers. When you look for winning first, people know it. So thats a part of the culture.

7) Sustainable Task Excellence

Team Defense

Once you have a group of people who genuinely respect each other, are self-motivated, and have bought into a collective goal, once your leaders have defined winning and given the teams the room and tools to succeed, you can now achieve sustainable task excellence. Task excellence is the ability to execute tasks at hand with a high level of skill and coordination, and to do it with consistency. People within an organization with a winning culture trust each other and have bought into the greater goals of the company. They have pride in their own work product and work ethics, and believe in their brand. From there, an organization leverages a strong foundation with which to sustain excellence at its core competencies, while continuing to exploit its fullest potential.

Some say the only difference between superstars and other players is that superstars are able to deliver superior performance with consistency. The same could be said for companies with a championship culture. These companies enforce their brand and products with the highest integrity, and are able to execute their core values and competencies with absolute consistency.

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See you At RSA 2016!

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AMAX Personnel at RSA 2016

AMAX Personnel at RSA 2016

Are you attending RSA 2016 this year from Feb 29th to Mar 4th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco? Are you an ISV or a security startup that requires both cost-effective manufacturing and rapid global deployment of products to your customer base? If so, drop by the AMAX booth (#2433)!

AMAX has announced our Configure-To-Order (CTO) service today that gears towards security ISVs. Our CTO program is designed to give ISVs an edge in product delivery as well as customer adoption and support, and is available at all AMAX global manufacturing locations including Silicon Valley HQ, EMEA (Shannon, Ireland) and APAC (Suzhou, China). Based on a highly nimble manufacturing process that stages systems at a common build point, specific models are configured to order based on customer ship requests. Having been refined and production-tested over thousands of customer SKUs and deployments with the ability to achieve turnaround times in as little as hours after a ship request, AMAX CTO services are field-proven in allowing ISVs to achieve optimal manufacturing cost savings while rapidly responding to customer demand, particularly during crucial end of quarter burst periods. CTO services are customized to each customer’s manufacturing and turnaround demands, and can be flexibly adapted based on production scale, platform diversity and deployment needs.

Our CTO program, and its flexibility in accommodating customer-specific requirements, is one of the many key differentiators in how AMAX has successfully helped security companies introduce and manage appliance products to maximize revenue. You can find out all the details about our CTO service at our booth at RSA 2016.

As a full-service partner offering tailored programs to fit your security appliance needs, AMAX also offers key benefits including the following that you can learn more at our booth:

- NPI (New Product Introduction) Services: With over 20 years specializing in OEM appliance manufacturing with a focus on security appliances, AMAX works closely with companies to design, optimize and validate new appliance products and quickly bring them to market. All BOMs and build processes are strictly documented and shared by global locations, ensuring absolute consistency across production runs and manufacturing locations.

- Strong Technology Partner Ecosystem: AMAX is closely partnered with leading technology providers such as Intel, Supermicro, Quanta, Micron, Seagate, Emerson, Avago (LSI/Emulex/Broadcom), and maintains a strong supply chain. AMAX leverages insight into product roadmaps and latest & greatest technology to build best-of-breed optimized platforms, with defined escalation paths to ensure the best service and delivery to its customers.

- High Mix/Full Volume Global Manufacturing: From software startups engaged in their initial foray into an appliance product model, to established companies looking to expand their product line, AMAX can tailor a manufacturing program to fit any scale, and support a variety of product growth stages or projections. With key global manufacturing locations, AMAX is a strong logistics partner for companies with a global customer base.

- Try & Buy Program Support: AMAX can fully support a customer’s Try & Buy Program including demo pool management, logistics and remanufacturing.

- Test Automation: AMAX’s proprietary test suite is designed for quality without compromise?parts that fail during testing as well as parts flagged as likely to fail or underperform in the field are automatically replaced in the test process, allowing AMAX-built appliances to achieve industry-leading quality and field reliability. AMAX’s test suite is customizable and can be integrated with customer-specific test suites.

- Custom Branding: AMAX’s in-house design team works closely with many of today’s hottest security ISVs in giving their appliances the right look and brand impact to make their products stand out.

- Customer Portal: AMAX’s customer portal provides real-time insight into build, inventory, ship and RMA status, and can be customized for specific customer needs. Integration with 3rd party software is also available.

As one of our customers Fornetix says, “We relied on AMAX for development of our Key Orchestration Appliance and getting our products ready for the market,” said Jack Wright, CEO,Fornetix. “They stood out from their competitors in their hands on approach to new product introduction and optimizing our platform, and we were impressed with their full menu of services and commitment to quality and time to market. We truly felt like we had a partner who was an extension of Fornetix and equally invested in our success, and feel comfortable knowing they will be able to ramp up their production to meet our needs as we grow within key management markets.”

AMAX’s contract appliance manufacturing services can be applied to server appliances through fully integrated racks (L6 through L12 integration). For a full list of AMAX OEM appliance manufacturing services including NPI, Product Lifecycle & Supply Chain Management, Compliance & Regulatory Consulting, Custom Branding, Global Fulfillment & Logistics, and Try & Buy Program Support, please visithttp://www.amax.com/. Or visit our Booth #2433 at the RSA Conference, held in the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA between February 29th and March 4th.

Hope to see you at RSA 2016!

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