Big Data Storage Solutions for Oil & Gas

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The Challenge

Virtually every piece of advanced technology involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas monitors, analyzes, retrieves, or processes large amounts of data. The problem facing oil and gas companies revolves around the exponential growth of data compounded by the need to analyze it in real-time.

Seismic surveys can produce huge amounts of data that must be captured in ultra-high 3D resolutions and quickly processed for display on computer monitors. To further complicate the matter, multiple renderings of the same large data set are often being maintained simultaneously, requiring multi-petabytes of available data storage space.

To quickly and effectively manage, use, and access petabytes of data, Oil & Gas companies are in need of an established, enterprise-reliable Big Data storage partner.

The Solution

AMAX, a leader in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and advanced Big Data storage technologies, provides a comprehensive line of highly scalable and highly available hardware and software solutions engineered to provide superior, sustained high-performance with robust & reliable storage.

At AMAX, our engineers understand that most customers data does not consist of just one type of data. We design our storage solutions, such as our StorMax-X2 iSCSI clustered storage (designed to deliver over 96GB/s of data) or our StorMax-X3 Scale-Out NAS storage solution (with 1.8PB of storage per 42U rack), to service customer demand for smaller meta-data as well as large datasets used in applications like 3D seismic imaging and Kirchhoff Time Migration. The enormous data collected from these types of applications are often well into the 100+terabyte range, necessitating the need for ultra dense storage that can continue to be scaled without a performance hit. AMAXs StorMax-X3 was created to be infinitely scalable, supporting up to 1.8PB per 42U standard rack within a single unified file system. A 120PB (or 120 million gigabytes) storage array is now feasible, supporting the powerful simulations of complex systems, such as seismic processing. AMAX also understands that businesses need cost effective, high performance storage that features enterprise-level benefits.

AMAXs open-architecture designed storage offerings range from individual storage servers to full turnkey multi-petabyte rack storage solutions, are intended to specifically address performance scalability, extreme density, and robust storage management and includes industry leading features such as Flexible Volume Management, Data Security Protection, Data De-duplication, and Multi-fabric\Multi-protocol support.

The Impact

The many issues related to data storage in the Oil & Gas industry can be demanding. Nevertheless, with the appropriate equipment and the right partner, companies in the industry can improve efficiency and ROI across many application areas and gain a competitive advantage. AMAX supplies the advanced data storage solutions that help reduce complex seismic processing cycle times and increase job throughput.

AMAX will exhibit at the upcoming SEG Annual Meeting 2011 starting this Sunday, September 18th 23rd at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX at booth # 3436. We will be showcasing our unique line of best-of-breed, high performance GPU Computing and Storage solutions fitted for intense computational applications that is a must-have for todays oil & gas industries for more efficient use of resources, faster real-time data access and more accurate imaging giving companies the edge in discovery that could potentially be worth billions.

For more information about AMAX solutions for Oil & Gas exploration, please visit or send your inquiry to and an AMAX solutions architect will further assist you.

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