AMAX is sponsoring a Haiku contest for PHAT-Data, short for Peta-scale Hadoop Analytics Technology, cluster! For those engineers and scientists who are poets at heart, and poets who are engineers and scientists at heart, we invite you to explore your creative side.

Just as a Haiku is a perfectly balanced work of art that marries technical style with mind-blowing eloquence and contextual implication, so is our PHAT-Data Hadoop cluster powering business intelligence and analytics. Let PHAT-Data be your inspiration! Bare your soul in the name of Apache Hadoop and win a chance to win our grand prize: a brand new Apple iPad!

How to Enter:

  • Become a fan of AMAX by liking our Facebook page!
  • Write a haiku about AMAX, Intel, PHAT-Data, Apache Hadoop, and/or Big Data and let creativity flow with your words.
  • Comment with your haiku on our Facebook post and share it to your friends! Submission deadline is April 22nd, 2012 at 11:00PM PST.  Entrants will automatically receive a complimentary PHAT-Data sumo stress ball*
  • The best top 10 haiku poem will be selected for the final round which AMAX fans will be the judge!  Vote for your favorite haiku before April 29th, 2012 at 11:00PM PST.
  • The winning haiku with the most # of votes will be announced as a winner!

* One per household, while supplies last.  All contest participants must send a message to AMAX on Facebook with their shipping information.

Haiku Rules:

All PHAT Data Haikus will be judged by the following criteria, each weighted with scores from 1-10, except the first. Top 10 highest scores will be published and open for a public vote. Criteria:

1. The 5-7-5 Rule.

A haiku poem consists of a 5-7-5 syllable rule in three lines.  Poems that contain more or less syllables per lines will be automatically loose points, so make sure your syllable-count qualifies your work of art as a bona fide haiku!

Here is an example of how the haiku entry should look like:

Data flows like rain

Scattered with no direction

PHAT-Data is here

2. Focus Point

All haiku poems need to be related about the following topics below.  Any entry that does not highlight any of these topics will automatically loose points!

-          AMAX

-          Intel

-          PHAT-Data

-          Apache Hadoop

-          Big Data

3. Creativity/Originality of Haiku

Blow our minds.

4. Clarity of Imagery/Idea

Be creative! Be avant-garde! But try to make sense, please.


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