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Data Center Solutions
AMAX provides data center server solutions that improve service levels, ensure business continuity, enable service agility and reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. Available in single or multi-node 1U to 4U+ standard rack mount sizes and with options for the latest Intel and AMD single-, dual-, and quad-processor configurations, the AMAX data center server solutions are built from the ground up to meet the most demanding needs of today's highly-virtualized, large-scale application environments, from energy efficiency and footprint density to cloud computing optimization and virtual desktop infrastructures, and deliver the best combination of design-flexibility, performance, built-in capabilities, and cost-effectiveness to make your data center more flexible and efficient.

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Replace power-hungry servers with a more efficient solution. AMAX's specialized data center server nodes offer:
Open Architecture

AMAX leverages an open architecture approach to design, configure, and manufacture our data center server solutions. Our open architecture systems feature best-of-breed components for improved performance, industry standard compatibility, and flexibility to provide scalable racked solutions for our customers.
Efficient Power Usage

As data center services and other forces increase the demands of your data center, creating a more efficient IT infrastructure is essential. Our server solutions feature power tuning technology, which utilizes onboard sensors to give greater control over power and thermal levels across the system. Spread-core designs with high-efficiency VRs & 80+ Platinum redundant power supplies further demonstrate AMAX's commitment to efficient power usage.
Rack Optimized Designs

Today's data center enables greater business agility and efficiency by delivering innovative and scalable services that drive value back into the organizations they serve. Our server and storage platforms are built to be at the heart of today's data centers and enable powerful, versatile, and scalable systems.
High Performance Per Watt

AMAX data center server solutions feature the latest processors, chipsets and high-speed interconnects that make your data center agile, more responsive to changing business needs, and give you additional performance when you need it for single- and multi-threaded applications, including increased floating-point performance for technical computing workloads.
Serviceability & Management

We understand that data center management can be an exponential problem with each additional system. AMAX's open architecture design, remote management support, virtualization deployments, and warranty services deliver unparalleled serviceability and management options to help reduce management complexity.
Professional Services Team

With the rate of change in today's computing environments, thorough planning and preparation are crucial for the long-term success of your deployments. Your AMAX Professional Services Team can help you on all aspects of your data center deployment, from provisioning servers and storage to application performance management, capacity and load balancing.
AMAX Data Center Server Solutions:

ClusterMax™ Series

High performance computing cluster solutions integrating the latest CPU and GPU computing technologies, offering unlimited configuration options and virtualization capabilities optimized for every application.
OCP Open Rack Solutions

OCP data center solutions with groundbreaking architecture that combines innovative form factor with industry-leading power efficiency to maximize datacenter ROI for even the largest scale-out data center applications.
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