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"AMAX's high performance Tesla GPU cluster solution addresses our most demanding HPC applications and I/O requirements, which will put our university at the forefront of the industry's technology research"

- Professor Liu, Tongji University

Make IT Easy and Efficient

AMAX is a Premier-level AMD Solutions Provider, supplying leading-edge x86-based HPC and GPU clusters, servers and workstations. Utilizing AMD's Direct Connect Architecture and the new generation of multi-core AMD Opteron™ 6300 Series processor for virtualized environments, database, business computing, data center, and high performance computing applications, as well as the low power draw multi-core AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series processor for web/cloud, IT infrastructure, security appliance, and collaboration applications, AMAX's AMD-based platforms deliver exceptional computing efficiency without sacrificing power or performance.

Key Features:
  • Open architecture server, storage and workstation solutions.
  • The world's first 16-core x86 processor, delivering a rich mix of performance, scalability and efficiency for today's highly threaded computing environments.¹
  • AMD Turbo Core Technology¹ :
  • Digitally boosting all cores simultaneously up to 500MHz or up to 1GHz with half the cores active.
  • ISA Enhancements¹ :
  • In addition to baseline instruction support, added SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSSE3, AVX, AES, PCLMULQDQ, FMA4 and XOP
  • Flex FP¹ :
  • The world's only flexible 256-bit FPU. Two 128-bit FMACs shared per module, allowing for dedicated 128-bit execution per core or shared 256-bit execution per module.
  • Superior power and thermal efficiency:
  • TDP Power Cap¹ :
  • This technology gives enterprises the ability to customize their chips to meet power and workload demands, providing:
    • More control over power settings
    • Flexibility to set power limits without capping CPU frequencies
  • C6 Power State¹ :
  • Reduces idle power at the module by up to 46%, compared to AMD Opteron T 6100 Series processors
    • Industry leading performance per watt
    • Rapid turnkey deployment
    • Easy serviceability and maintenance
    AMAX's HPC & GPU clusters, servers, and workstation computing solutions utilize the latest AMD multi-core processors to deliver optimal system efficiency and application performance.

ClusterMax Apex | Extreme High Performance Supercomputing Cluster

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Data Center Solutions | AMD-Based Data Center Servers

ServMax S Class | Storage
» H-32301 | 3U 16x 3.5" Drive DP AMD Opteron Storage Server
» H-42301 | 4U 24-Drive DP AMD Opteron Storage Server
» H-42302 | 4U 36-Drive DP AMD Opteron Storage Server

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