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AMAX is a premier provider of mission critical transportation, supply chain and logistics services. We understand that logistics impact revenue and are committed to providing our customers with the visibility, reliability, and proactive communication that is necessary for award-winning global logistics. AMAX’s logistics services offers the following: Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery tracking & planning, flexible delivery options, auto-notifications of product delivery, time-definite delivery, domestic and global drop shipping and support, customs brokerage and declaration / clearance, customizable shipping documentation & packaging, and freight forwarding capabilities.

Customer Web Portal

AMAX customers have 24/7 access to our web portal making it easy for them to submit cases and trouble tickets, contact live online chat support, search for information (knowledge base or FAQs) and track case histories. With knowledge base metrics, AMAX empowers our customers to pre-emptively assist themselves and reduce service calls at their own convenience.

XML Data Transfer for Order Processing

As an optional professional service, AMAX can link your database with our ERP system to streamline your ordering process. As a result, when you place an order, it will automatically update our system via secure XML data transfer and we will start processing the order. This improves not only your operational efficiency, but provides order processing transparency and increased throughput.


AMAX has multiple warehouse locations throughout North America and worldwide, allowing you the flexibility to store your systems or unique components as consignment items at any one of our facilities. AMAX Oracle Database and ERP systems provide you access to real time inventory tracking for your consignment items so you can let us know what to ship and where.

AMAX's fully integrated ERP system offers:
  • AMAX and Client Part Number Control
  • Global Drop Shipping
  • Just-In-Time Delivery Tracking (JIT)
  • Real-Time Inventory Status Tracking
  • Revision Control
  • Serial Number Component Tracking
  • Warehouse Consignment Inventory
  • Web Enabled Access to System Status and Inventory

Global Drop Shipping

AMAX has global drop shipping capabilities and extensive experience with shipping systems around the globe. AMAX can also manage international customs requirements such as commercial invoices and handle shipper / receiver duties and taxes distinctions.

International Shipment Document Preparation

With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, AMAX has an in-depth understanding of international shipping requirements and trade guidelines. From order entry, order tracking and management, to shipping documentation and preparation of documentation of written and verbal correspondence with customers and carriers, we can help you manage all the necessary global shipment documents and processes so that your order can be delivered efficiently anywhere in the world.
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"As a result of the AMAX solutions, doctors and radiologists have tripled and even quadrupled the number of patients they see using medical devices operated by systems built by AMAX. AMAX's leading-edge technologies help keep us ahead in this market, meaning better, less invasive and faster treatment for patients around the world."

- Executive for Research and Development, Boston Scientific

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