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AMAX's Product Lifecycle Management leverages strong technology partnerships and visibility into product roadmaps to choose components with long lifecycles, thus allowing companies to standardize a platform for an extended period of time. By closely managing this process, we provide calculated recommendations on components to qualify, as well as timely and accurate visibility and control of critical product information and processes at every stage in the product lifecycle.
Global Supply Chain
At AMAX, we work with our customers to develop a comprehensive supply chain management package that is comprehensive, flexible and reliable. With best-in-class support services and a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, our customers trust AMAX to tailor and execute a supply chain management program that will both optimize supply chain operations and reduce overall procurement costs.

AMAX supply chain initiatives cover both domestic and global operations. We offer strong relationships with vendors and over 30 years of efficiently managing our global supply chain for numerous industry-leaders whose supply chain requirements are time-sensitive, cost-conscious, and critical to their overall ROI and market leadership.

B2B Supply Chain:
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Approved Vendor List / Approved Component List
  • Materials Planning
  • Procurement
  • End-of-Life (EOL) Component Management
  • Systems Collaboration
  • Daily Program Coordination and Management
Value-Added Services:
  • Identification and Integration of Best-of-Breed Products and Services
  • Volume Flexibility
  • Revision Control
  • Product Transition Management
  • AMAX and Client Part Number Control

Material Planning

AMAX's dedicated Material Planning and Support teams are mobilized immediately after receiving a Purchase Order from you. Our Global Procurement team purchases materials according to your Bill of Materials. The Production Planning team schedules production slots based on your build plan requirement to build quickly and efficiently.

At AMAX, we understand that Engineering Change Notices (ECNs) are a common part of any production scheme. We believe that our computerized materials-planning system allows us to better deal with this reality on a real-time basis versus our competitors. From the beginning, a Material Planning professional will be assigned to your Project Team to maintain direct communication with you in regards to scheduling, manufacturing, technical issues and shipments. With AMAX's computerized materials management system, our Material Planning professional can respond quickly to ECNs and schedule changes. AMAX understands your production group's expectations and we will work closely with your planning team to maximize your production efficiency.

Compatibility Management

AMAX's computer platform operating system and hardware compatibility management method is designed for the computer platform to be selectively bootable between an old-version operating system and a new-version operating system. This feature allows the customer to selectively install either an old-version operating system or a new-version operating system successfully onto the server, and allow both the old-version operating system and the new-version operating system to be compatible with the server hardware.

Revision Control

When a change affects your platform configuration, AMAX employs revision control procedures to manage both the software and hardware updates and works closely with suppliers to ensure that the revision control procedure is completed correctly. Updates to your build documents and/or bill of materials are implemented with your approval. Any changes will be discussed directly with you, and agreed-upon revisions will only be implemented once you have signed off on them, with previous documents retained on file in case they need reverting to at a later date. These build documents become the foundation for all systems going forward, and our stringent documentation procedure assures that all future units are manufactured consistently based on your most current specifications.
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"My experience with AMAX has proven to show a large level of customer service and commitment that they give to their customers. AMAX is very dependable and they always treat you like family. I always feel very comfortable working with AMAX, because we have built up that relationship, it almost feels like asking a friend for help."

- Antonio Saraiva, Senior Project Manager, Riverbed

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