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AMAX reverse logistics solutions provide global visibility, operational scalability, flexibility and control. For customers, this means AMAX goes beyond processing returned products. By participating in the AMAX RMA Program, you are assured that any trouble with a system is solved with minimal downtime.

AMAX also provides reconditioning and remanufacturing services. Our comprehensive process includes aesthetically refurbishing the unit, reconditioning, retesting and reimaging to MPI specifications, replacing missing accessories and documentation, thus ensuring the unit is repacked to new standards and ready to ship. These programs are customized to your unique requirements and specifications. Our goal is to make certain your product is restored to a "like-new" condition.

AMAX reverse solutions offers full RMA refurbishing for evaluation machines from OEM customers who have an Evaluation Program with their customers, and any trial system shipped back for refurbishment is properly restored, tested, imaged and returned to stock.

AMAX understands the reverse-product life cycle process and can deliver customer satisfaction, management and operational control. Through continuous process improvements, we have designed best practices in reverse logistics that recover assets and uncover hidden value for our customers. Our refurbishment process restores evaluation systems to like-new condition, extending the system life cycle, which ensures that your customers will always receive products with all appropriate accessories, documentation, and packaging that is representative of new product.
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"AMAX is more than a supplier, they are a partner who knows the names of our products, knows how our products are used, and cares about our next-generation product lines. They are always open to new technologies, more efficient processes, and are constantly searching for new things that might be of interest to their customers. That's very exciting!"

- Lee Caswell, Co-founder and CMO, Pivot 3

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