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"My experience with AMAX has proven to show a large level of customer service and commitment that they give to their customers. AMAX is very dependable and they always treat you like family. I always feel very comfortable working with AMAX, because we have built up that relationship, it almost feels like asking a friend for help."

- Antonio Saraiva, Senior Project Manager, Riverbed
OEM x86

AMAX leverages an open architecture design philosophy and integrates only the best-in-class computing technologies to customize your appliance platform based on your desired form factor, performance specifications, appliance lifecycle, and compliance requirements.

AMAX's OEM appliances ensure long-term component availability, maximum energy efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership, without sacrificing quality or reliability. We provide the following base form-factors to quickly and efficiently bring your solution to market.
1U Platforms

Our 1U rackmount platforms are available in short, medium and full-depth sizes for greater flexibility. These solutions can accommodate single or dual AMD or Intel CPUs, up to four 3.5" or ten 2.5" hard drives and a multitude of PCI expansion options.

2U-4U Platforms

Our 2U – 4U full-depth rackmount platforms boast maximum expansion capability, support for the most powerful CPUs, highest memory density, and maximum storage capacity.

  • 2U: 12x 3.5" or 24 2.5" HDDs
  • 3U: 16x 3.5" HDDs
  • 4U: 24x or 36x 3.5" HDDs, or 72x 2.5" HDDs.

  • SFF Platforms

    Our Small Form Factor (SFF) Mini-ITX and Micro ATX platforms provide a light-weight footprint to fit within the most demanding space requirements.

    Front I/O Platforms

    Our Front I/O rackmount platforms can accommodate multiple network and USB ports, LCDs and more.

    Tower Platforms

    Our tower workstations are available in various sizes and are designed and optimized to provide the most quiet computing environment, balancing performance and acoustics for specific applications.

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