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OCP platforms are uniquely designed to be modular, repurposable building blocks built for large-scale data center infrastructures. Versatile OCP solutions like AMAX One Platform and Centurion have the power capacity and flexibility to run numerous applications, from Cloud and Big Data Analytics to Virtualization and Storage. When it comes to our [SMART] OCP Solutions, advantages over legacy hardware include unprecedented agility to quickly reconfigure hardware resources for changing application needs, and an inherently cost-efficient, open rack design that circumvents operational maintenance and vendor lock-in overhead. With [SMART] OCP Solutions, you'll never need to throw out servers during refresh cycles. Simply upgrade components into the existing infrastructure for additional year-over-year savings.

OCP Hardware Platforms

Going above and beyond other OCP Solution Providers, AMAX offers major differentiators to give their customers enhanced value and streamlined time-to-market.

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