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AMAX Unveils New Series of Servers for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

BrainMax™ Purpose-built workstations & servers pre-integrated with NVIDIA Quadro RTX™ GPUs and CUDA-X AI™ software accelerates time to value

FREMONT, CA, June 19, 2019 AMAX, a leader in integrated supply chain manufacturing and orchestration announced the general availability of the BrainMax™ Series of servers designed to solve complex big data analytics, machine/deep learning, and artificial intelligence workloads. The systems debuted at CVPR 2019 in Long Beach, CA. The BrainMax™ series feature the latest generation of NVIDIA RTX GPU accelerator cards based on the Turing architecture, Tensor Cores and real-time rendering cores for advanced deep learning and graphics rendering applications. Performance can be further enhanced by linking two cards via NVLink Bridge, for up to 300% GPU peer to peer bandwidth performance improvement.

AMAX enables software developers, OEMs, enterprises, and service providers to deliver intensive GPU solutions and AI applications. As an NVIDIA Elite Partner, AMAX now offers the most comprehensive line of GPU-integrated solutions optimized for deep learning at any scale—from high-performance workstations for development to large-scale production-ready GPU clusters complete with integrated high-density compute, storage and networking. AMAX can configure the hardware solutions based on each customer’s workload requirements, development stage, or deployment and performance goals, scaling as those needs grow and evolve. “AI workloads, projects and environments are not created equal,” said Lee Yee, Sr. VP Marketing and Corporate Strategy at AMAX. “Similarly, a human child exponentially processes more information and complex situations as they develop and adapt to new sensory experiences. AI practitioners need right-sized solutions that are flexible, power efficient, and ready-to-scale at every stage of AI development – across multi-cloud and edge environments.”

AMAX BrainMax™ Series

BrainMax™ DSW-1 and DSW-2 Workstations for Data Science – AMAX’s BrainMax™ DSW-1 and DSW-2 Workstations for Data Science are based on a powerful reference architecture made up of single or dual, high-end NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ GPUs and NVIDIA® CUDA-X AI™ accelerated data science software, such as RAPIDS™, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe. CUDA-X AI is a collection of libraries that enable modern computing applications to benefit from NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated computing platform. These data science workstations make it easy for scientists to wrangle, prep, train and deploy models quickly and accurately. These workstations provide enterprises with accelerated workflows for faster data preparation, model training and data visualization, helping them to accelerate big data analytics, visualization and data science.

BrainMax™ QR-240 and QR-480 RTX Servers – AMAX’s BrainMax™ RTX Servers represent the most efficient and scalable GPU-powered rendering solution for on-demand rendering (such as render farms) and virtual graphics workstations via VDI. The BrainMax™ QR-240, a 2U server featuring 4x NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and BrainMax™ QR-480, a 4U featuring 8x Quadro GPUs, are both highly configurable, fully-validated solutions for on-demand rendering and virtualization solutions in the data center. Multiple high-end virtual workstations can be supported with NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software for remote, shared, and multi-GPU configurations. Furthermore, resource partitions can be created to provide both virtual workstations and dedicated render GPUs within a single BrainMax RTX server, providing unprecedented rendering and compute performance at a fraction of the cost, space, and power requirements of legacy platforms.

All AMAX GPU-integrated solutions are optimized for specific performance or technical requirements for big data or deep learning applications at any scale. To schedule a technical consultation at CVPR 2019, please contact AMAX at or visit to learn more about AMAX Deep Learning and Inference solutions.

About AMAX

AMAX is an award-winning global leader in application-tailored data center, HPC and Deep Learning solutions designed towards highest efficiency and optimal performance. Whether you are a Fortune 1000 company seeking significant cost savings through better efficiency for your global data centers, or you’re a software startup seeking an experienced manufacturing partner to design and launch your flagship product, AMAX is your trusted solutions provider, delivering the results you need to meet your specific metrics for success.