AMAX Deep Learning and, Security and Storage Appliance Platforms Incorporated with Powerful Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

FREMONT, CA, April 6, 2021 – AMAX, a leading provider of server appliance manufacturing, turnkey enterprise rack-scale High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions and Deep Learning/AI applications, today announced the availability of its next-generation workstation, server and storage platforms, incorporated with the latest 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, known as Ice Lake.

Today’s modern data centers require unique server solutions that run complex, business-critical workloads and increasingly takes more resources to develop those solutions. AMAX’s solutions are fully integrated and validated systems utilizing the latest 3rd Generation of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors built for high-performance computing, cloud and networking workloads. All solutions and systems can be pre-configured and customized to meet specific Deep Learning/AI application needs. These offerings accelerate time to market and allow enterprises to transform businesses by building the digital platforms of the future today.

As a Titanium level partner of the Intel® Partner Alliance program (IPA), AMAX delivers the most advanced and energy-efficient performance solutions for data-intensive business applications. Key optimized AMAX server platforms that will feature the new 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon processors include:

  • AceleMax Deep Learning Solutions — AMAX’s AceleMax series of Deep Learning platforms feature both workstations, high-performance servers and fully-integrated Machine Learning clusters specifically designed to fast-track Deep Learning development with additional NVIDIA GPU acceleration.
  • ServMax® Hyper-Converged Cluster-in-a-Box Servers — With twin and quad-node options packed into a compact 2U form factor, these high-density servers offer a cluster’s worth of compute, storage and networking capabilities. Our cluster-in-a-box solutions are ideal for applications such as HCI, Virtualization, HPC, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and CDN.
  • ServMax® 1U and 2U 2Socket servers — This is for the general-purpose data center, cloud & analytics, enterprise and security appliance applications, and optional SKUs with one PSU on each side of chassis, instead of the traditional design of having two PSUs located one side.
  • ServMax® 2U 4 node servers — Designed to serve compute, management, storage and acceleration needs, this server delivers a complete hardware solution for HPC/AI, and configurable with high-density liquid or high-performance air-cooling options.
  • StorMax® I/O Optimized Storage Servers — A full line of storage solutions designed towards the perfect balance between performance, capacity and cost, perfect for SMBs, storage appliance, to hyperscale data center deployments.

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AMAX is an award-winning global leader in data center, open architecture platforms, HPC, Deep Learning, application-tailored cloud and OEM server manufacturing solutions designed towards highest efficiency and optimal performance. Whether you are a Fortune 1000 company seeking significant cost savings through better efficiency for your global data centers or a software startup seeking an experienced manufacturing partner to design and launch your flagship product, AMAX is your trusted solutions provider, delivering the results you need to meet your specific metrics for success. For more information about AMAX, visit

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