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AMAX Chosen As NVIDIA® DGX-1 Authorized Reseller

FREMONT, CA- April 18, 2016 - AMAX, a leading provider of award-winning deep learning solutions, has been named one of only six NVIDIA authorized DGX-1 resellers, the world's first purpose-built Deep Learning supercomputer in a box.

The NVIDIA DGX-1 is the first system built with groundbreaking NVIDIA® Pascal powered Tesla P100 GPU accelerators, interconnected with NVIDIA® NVLink. The DGX-1 features eight P100 cards delivering 170 TFLOPS of compute power and 768 GB/s of bandwidth, which NVIDIA claims gives the DGX-1 the equivalent performance of 250 servers all within in a single box. Designed to accelerate training and iteration for faster innovation and time-to-market, the DGX-1 delivers 56x more performance than CPU-only servers, and 75x faster training, completing in 2 hours what would take a dual-socket Xeon® E5-2697v3 server 150 hours to train.

The DGX-1 also comes with a software stack including major deep learning frameworks, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, the DIGITS GPU training system, drivers, and CUDA, all pre-packaged to give users a plug-and-play system for fast-tracking deep learning development. The system also includes access to cloud management services for container creation and deployment, system updates, and an application repository. The combination of these software capabilities in conjunction with the P100 GPUs allows applications to run 12x faster than previous GPU-accelerated solutions.

"The DGX-1 is a breakthrough for hyper speeding deep learning," said Dr. Rene Meyer, Director of Product Development, AMAX. "Training is the longest and most tedious process for developing machine learning and AI applications, and by a powerful engine to significantly decrease training time means we can see breakthroughs much sooner, and more quickly bring products to market."

The DGX-1 joins AMAX's lineup of award-winning Deep Learning Solutions, which harness the power of GPU-accelerated computing to deliver unprecedented levels of computing power to drive next-generation AI applications, allowing researchers to dramatically reduce the time to train larger, more sophisticated deep neural networks. AMAX is now taking pre-orders for the DGX-1, scheduled to begin shipping in the June/July timeframe. To pre-order, please contact AMAX or call 1-800-800-6328.

About AMAX

AMAX is a global leader in application-tailored Data Center, HPC and OEM Solutions. Recognized for several industry awards, including the Best of VMWorld and Intel Server Innovation Award, as well as the winner of ILSVRC2015, AMAX aims to provide cutting edge solutions to improve efficiency and cut costs for the modern data center. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Silicon Valley (with additional locations in China and Ireland) AMAX is a full service technology solutions provider specializing in innovative server-to-rack level solutions developed for Data Center, HPC, Cloud and Big Data applications.

From white box server-to-rack integration, High Performance Deep Learning Platforms or converged infrastructure solutions featuring OpenStack and SDN, to a comprehensive menu of professional services, AMAX is the full-service partner you need to help modernize your IT operations. To learn more, contact AMAX to request a quote.