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AMAX Joins Intel Technology Provider Program As Cloud Data Center Specialist

FREMONT, CA – January 9th, 2017 - AMAX, a leading provider of HPC and Data Center solutions, announced today that it has become an official Intel Technology Provider, Cloud Data Center Specialist. This recognition validates AMAX’s competency and capability in delivering cutting-edge cloud technology to its global customer base within the Americas, APAC and EMEA regions.

This program recognizes AMAX’s history of excellence as a technology partner for the design and deployment of fully-integrated rack level platforms to support software-defined cloud infrastructures, particularly around OpenStack. AMAX’s design concepts revolve around leveraging whitebox server and networking platforms along with open standards such as OpenStack and Open Networking, empowering its customers with future-proofed infrastructure designs optimized for maximum usability and cost efficiency.

As a total solution provider, AMAX’s cloud offerings include its CloudMax™ OpenStack framework, a comprehensive and customizable OpenStack starter kit to kickstart OpenStack development, as well as [SMART]DC Data Center Manager, a cross-platform out-of-band DCIM solution to streamline and manage a highly-efficient, modern day data center.

AMAX’s unique business model revolves around custom-tailoring both solutions and programs to meet customer requirements. AMAX is capable of the design, production and worldwide deployment of solutions, with global production facilities and a full menu of value-added services such as New Product Introduction (for companies wishing to productize branded solutions), global logistics, and onsite installation and support.

“AMAX is excited to be recognized by Intel for its experience in global cloud deployments,” said James Huang, Product Marketing Manager, AMAX. “We look forward to continued collaboration with industry leaders and technology partners to develop groundbreaking SDI designs geared towards lowering the overall cost of cloud ownership."

As a certified Intel Technology Provider, Cloud Data Center Specialist, HPC Data Center Specialist, as well as a partner of the Intel Technology Provider Program, AMAX works closely with Intel to develop solutions around the latest technologies, solution architectures and up-to-date insights. As a Cloud Data Center Specialist, AMAX has been validated by Intel as a trusted partner who can demonstrate commitment and excellence in deploying x86-based data center solutions, tailored to best meet customers’ needs. To learn more about AMAX Data Center solutions, please contact AMAX at (800) 800-6328.

About AMAX

AMAX is a global leader in application-tailored Data Center, HPC and OEM Solutions. Recognized for several industry awards, including the Best of VMWorld and Intel Server Innovation Award, as well as the winner of ILSVRC 2015, AMAX aims to provide cutting edge solutions to improve efficiency and cut costs for the modern data center. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Silicon Valley (with additional locations in China and Ireland) AMAX is a full service technology solutions provider specializing in innovative server-to-rack level solutions developed for Data Center, HPC, Cloud and Big Data applications.

From white box server-to-rack integration, High Performance Deep Learning Platforms or converged infrastructure solutions featuring OpenStack and SDN, to a comprehensive menu of professional services, AMAX is the full-service partner you need to help modernize your IT operations. To learn more, contact AMAX to request a quote.