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CUvideo Wins First Place In Two Categories At ILSVRC2015

Beijing, China, January 12, 2016- CUvideo, formed by SenseTime, a leader in next-gen visual understanding and artificial intelligence technologies, and MMLAB, wins 1st Place in two categories at the 6th annual ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC2015). SenseBox, Deep Learning Engine co-developed by SenseTime and AMAX-a global provider of Data Center, provides strong support for CUvideo team to achieve a No.1 ranking in both number of categories recognized, as well as the mean average precision of VID (Object detection from video).

ImageNet is a prestigious competition commonly known as the Olympics of computer vision. Every ImageNet challenge plays an important role in the development of computer vision (CV) around the world. This year's competition included submissions from major industry and academia players including IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Microsoft Research, Google, Baidu, Adobe, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Oxford University, among others. SenseTime's ILSVRC2015 team was entered under the name of CUvideo, headed by top scientists that included Professor Wanli Ouyang from MMLAB of CUHK and Dr. Junjie Yan from SenseTime.

VID, the newly added video detection task, was generally considered to be the most difficult task at ILSVRC. There is still a lot of work to do in video processing in computer vision. Compared with images, videos are actually more complicated, and contain more information. Therefore, the difficulty increased by an order of magnitude, said Professor Xiaogang Wang from MMLAB, in a July interview.

In preparation for ILSVRC, CUvideo worked closely with AMAX's platform development team in China to engineer the powerful Deep Learning platform which would become SenseBox. Based on the DL-400 from AMAX's Deep Learning Solutions product line, SenseBox features complex, multi-layered non-linear algorithms based on neural networks. With the excellent and stable performance of SenseBox, CUvideo proved to the world that MMLAB and SenseTime have superior ability in the field of video detection. According to the final results, the CUvideo team led the competition by recognizing an impressive 28 out of 30 object categories, and achieved 68% mean average precision in the VID.

These wins represent major validation for the technical capabilities of AMAX and SenseTime, said Jerry Shih, President, AMAX. Deep learning is the key technology transforming a range of applications from security to retail to social networking to meet the demands of a fast-changing, modern world. The fact that our technology is leading in such a groundbreaking arena when we are only scratching the surface means there are many more exciting developments to look forward to.

AMAX will continue to collaborate with leading organizations like SenseTime in order to explore the full potential of these Deep Learning solutions. With advanced technologies and a long-standing history of engineering expertise, AMAX intends to further expand the applications of Deep Learning in the field of computer vision. To learn more about AMAX, visit To learn more about SenseTime, visit

About SenseTime

SenseTime is an innovative IT company with locations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. They specialize in computer vision and artificial intelligence engines powered by deep learning, and are experts in programming computers to recognize faces, objects and even to understand the world. Their core products include Facial Recognition Systems, Image Recognition Systems, Image Processing and Intelligent Surveillance Systems.

SenseTime has been collaborating with many organizations in both academia and industry. They provide SDKs, APIs, and turnkey solutions for business users and mass consumers alike. In Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley, SenseTime is expanding and acquiring top talent in order to develop a unique and innovative technology company.

About AMAX

AMAX is a global leader in application-tailored Data Center, HPC and OEM Solutions. They have been recognized for several industry awards, including the 2014 Best of VMWorld and Intel Server Innovation Award for the CloudMax™ Converged Cloud Infrastructure. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Silicon Valley (with additional locations in China and Ireland) AMAX is a full service technology solutions provider specializing in innovative server-to-rack level solutions developed for Data Center, HPC, Cloud and Big Data applications.

From white box server-to-rack integration, High Performance Deep Learning Platforms or converged infrastructure solutions featuring OpenStack and SDN, to a comprehensive menu of professional services, AMAX is the full-service partner you need to help modernize your IT operations. To learn more about AMAX's Deep Learning Engines or other solutions, please contact AMAX.