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Tackle the most complex workloads with NVIDIA® GPU powered workstations. Built on the latest cutting edge NVIDIA GPU technology, the AceleMax™ workstations are designed for maximum compatibility, support, and reliability capable of a wide range of AI workloads. Get the peace of mind you need to work on mission critical projects.

Optimized configuration options for machine and deep learning workloads

Purpose-built for AI & machine learning

Pre-installed AI Frameworks

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The AceleMax™ workstations deliver high performance computing and reliability solutions optimized for any AI application. These solutions deliver optimized configuration with multiple NVIDIA GPU options including the A100, Tesla V100, RTX 8000/6000/5000/4000, and RTX A6000 to accelerate AI development.

AceleMax™ DL-E440

Form Factor4U/Tower
Processor FamilyDual Socket 2nd Gen. Intel® Xeon® Scalable
NetworkingDual Port Gigabit
GPU4x NVIDIA Quadro RTX, V100/V100S, RTX A6000
Drive Bays8x hot-swap 3.5″ HDD drive bays
Product Details

AceleMax™ DL-E400

Form FactorWorkstation
Processor FamilySingle Socket Intel® Xeon® W-Series Processor
NetworkingDual port 10GbE
GPU4x NVIDIA Quadro RTX, RTX A6000, GeForce RTX
Drive Bays2x 5.25”, 4x 2.5”, 2x Combo 3.5”/2.5”
Product Details

AceleMax™ DL-E110A

Form FactorTower/Workstation
Processor FamilySingle AMD Ryzen™ Processor
NetworkingDual Port Gigabit
GPU1x NVIDIA Quadro RTX, RTX A6000, GeForce RTX
Drive Bays16 GB Memory, 512 GB SSD drive bays
Product Details

AceleMax™ DL-E120A

Form FactorWorkstation
Processor Family3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™
NetworkingDual port 10GbE
GPU2x NVIDIA Quadro RTX, RTX A6000, GeForce RTX
Drive Bays2x 5.25”, 4x 2.5”, 2x Combo 3.5”/2.5”
Product Details

The world’s most powerful visual computing GPU for desktop workstations

The NVIDIA® RTX™ A6000 combines the latest-generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA® cores with 48 GB of graphics memory to deliver the extreme desktop performance designers, engineers, and artists need to innovate from anywhere. Unlock the next generation of revolutionary designs, scientific breakthroughs, and immersive entertainment with the NVIDIA® RTX A6000.

The new NVIDIA RTX A6000

Incredible Application Performance

  • Experience fast, interactive performance with ultra-fast, on-board graphics memory technology and optimized software drivers for professional applications.
  • Includes 84 RT Cores to accelerate photorealistic ray-traced rendering up to 80% faster than the previous generation.
  • With 336 Tensor Cores to accelerate AI workflows providing the power necessary for AI development and training workloads.
  • NVIDIA NVLink technology lets you combine two RTX A6000 cards to double the effective GPU memory and performance in a single workstation chassis to 96 GB.

Rich, Expansive Visual Workspace

  • Experience stunning imagery through movie-quality, anti-aliasing techniques, high-dynamic range (HDR) color support, higher refresh rates, and up to 8K screen resolution at 60 Hz from a single cable with the DisplayPort 1.4a standard.
  • Work across four displays on every NVIDIA RTX professional card with intuitive placement of windows, multiple virtual desktops, and user profiles.
  • Synchronize images and scale resolution on a display surface with multiple projectors or screens using Quadro Sync II, NVIDIA Mosaic, and Warp and Blend

Designed for the largest workloads

AI Training Workloads

Data intensive tasks like natural language model training, benefit from fast GPUs and large GPU memory.

Tests run on dual Intel Xeon Gold 6140 CPUs. Precision FP32/TF32, NVIDIA Driver 455.17, PyTorch BERT Large Fine-Tuning Training benchmark. Tests run on pre-release hardware and software, final results may vary.

Data Science Workloads

The RTX A6000 with 48GB of GPU memory can hold 12 months of mortgage data, better model training times & accuracy.

Optimized for industry standard software

The AceleMax™ series workstations support all industry-leading professional visualization software applications as well as data science software, delivering extraordinary application performance and unmatched workflow acceleration.

Industry AI use cases



Cognitive development, precision computation, predictive maintenance, advanced analytics, AI-driven data automation management, smart assistant, research & development



Ray tracing, procedural generation modeling, global illumination rendering, simulation, and working with very large 3D models and complex designs



Intelligent customer interactions, connected vehicle predictive maintenance, forecasting, demand, capacity planning, 3D models and complex designs



Improved clinical care, drive operational efficiency, speed up drug discovery, predict epidemic diseases



Insurance, claim fraud, customer service chat bots, financial analysis, banking, ISV financial institutions



Remaining useful life estimation, failure prediction, demand forecasting, resource optimization, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, quality inspection



Ray tracing, rendering, DLSS and working with very large graphics-intensive scenes. Virtualized workstations, AI accelerated workflows.



Sensor data tag mapping, anomaly detection, robust fault prediction, predictive maintenance, elimination of data imbalances

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