AMAX [INTELLI]Rack™ OCP Solution

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Inspired by the Open Compute Project (OCP) and enhanced by AMAX’s design and engineering expertise in the liquid cooling space, the [INTELLI]Rack™ Solution addresses the top two concerns of rapid growth by reducing OPEX and CAPEX for long-term scalability.

Custom OCP Compatible Solutions

AMAX offers a full range of open infrastructure products with global deployment and support with 40+ years of dedicated engineering experience. Our engineering experts work with each customer to design custom OCP compatible solutions to meet specific needs. Open hardware solutions by AMAX also provide the option to include custom patented liquid cooling features to increase HPC performance and energy-saving thermal absorption even further.

17% savings on CAPEX from the improved utilization of the 21” OCP rack & chassis.

Rack level PSU redundancy reduces power converting components, improving system efficiency, and rack space utilization.

Improve PUE <1.05 through liquid cooling technology with air, facility water, and hybrid options.

47% reduction on OPEX from the energy efficiency of the 48V ORv3 power system and PUE <1.05 liquid cooling rack.

ORv3 Rack

ORv3 Liquid Cooling Rack

  • The 48OU rack is compatible with both EIA 19″ and OCP 21″ systems
  • Option to use air, facility water, or hybrid
  • Cooling capacity of up to 100 kW

AMAX immersion cooling solution designed according to
OCP principles will give you…

A Power Usage Effectiveness of <1.03

25-40% savings on TCO

Up to 100kw compute density

95% savings on cooling OPEX

Zero waste of water

3 Years Full Warranty

Submer AMAX tanks

AMAX Combines Design, Engineering, and System Integration Worldwide.

AMAX is taking OCP compatible solutions to the next level with liquid cooling options. With years of ODM experience in developing scalable liquid cooling servers and racks, AMAX has deployed innovative solutions for various Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

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  • 500+ Employees Globally
  • 215,000+ SQ FT Facilities
  • ODM Expertise for Liquid Cooling
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AMAX Engineering and Rack Integration Services

Enterprise IT environments are evolving faster than ever. Rack integration solutions are one strategy enterprises can utilize to maximize resource efficiency and keep pace with scaling needs. AMAX provides flexible Rack Integration Services that enable companies to focus on their core competencies and redirect resources to generate the most value for their customers.

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