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A Breakdown of AI, Machine Learning & Emerging Trends

These days, buzz around Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. You hear about self-driving cars, futuristic personal assistants, and computers beating professional human players at board games. AI has the potential to radically improve our lives with early diagnostic tools and customized … Continue reading

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100 Years—The Movie You’ll Never See

This month at the Cannes Film Festival, the new movie starring John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete) will be showcased…if by showcased, you mean the vault in which the physical film is sealed will be displayed in the by-invitation only Louis XIII Suite at the Hôtel Le Majestic Barrière Cannes. Continue reading

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NVIDIA DGX-1: The Game Changer That Took Deep Learning To Ludicrous Speed

Last week, NVIDIA made a groundbreaking announcement, launching their mega-powerful NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning System at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. As a purpose-built Deep Learning solution featuring 7TB of SSD storage and a whopping 170 TFlops performance, … Continue reading

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7 Keys To Creating A Championship Culture

For anyone watching the Golden State Warriors on their record-breaking championship run, last Saturday’s game against conference rivals, the San Antonio Spurs, was a marquee matchup between two teams each having historical seasons. It was a definitive showcase of what … Continue reading

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Financial Services Market Eagerly Converting Data Centers to OCP

Financial services companies are interested in adopting OCP into their own data centers. Continue reading

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