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Posts published in “Total Computing Solutions”

The Knight Has Landed

Chloe Shi 0

Enterprises looking to integrate GPU-like parallel computing into their HPC hardware without having to make any significant changes to their IT infrastructure should look no further–the Knight has landed. Intel…

See you At RSA 2016!

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AMAX has announced our Configure-To-Order (CTO) service today that gears towards security ISVs. Our CTO program is designed to give ISVs an edge in product delivery as well as customer adoption and support, and is available at all AMAX global manufacturing locations.

Google Open-Sources its Machine Learning Platform, TensorFlow

Chloe Shi 0

Google recently open-sourced its TensorFlow machine learning library, which aims to bring large-scale, distributed machine learning and deep learning to everyone. Google’s existing machine-learning infrastructure, known as DistBelief, has hitherto been…