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Risks of Customer Data over Cloud

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April usually signifies the coming of Spring and cute images of the Easter Bunny. However, this year pastel colored eggs are being replaced by red alerts and words like urgent, security and warning, as criminals are targeting corporate intellectual capital and user data of prominent global organizations. Most recently, PayPal made the front pages when the online payment service suffered a serious attack that could compromise customer data. The breach points to a need by organization to re-evaluate their approach to protecting themselves and their customers.

These latest attacks are prompting security vendors to quickly respond with appliance-based software solutions that could be quickly deployed to customer sites worldwide. AMAX is committed to helping organizations, such as McAfee, Solera Networks and ActivIdentity, stop these attacks and we’ve introduced a new range of turnkey appliances, based on the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 family, targeting security software vendors seeking increased performance and power efficiency to battle the latest invasion of data breaches and security intrusions.

According to the 2010 Ponemon Institute study on the cost of data breaches, the average total cost per reporting company in the study was $7.2 million per breach, which prompts the question – What’s in your infrastructure?

Happy Easter!