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Fortifying AMAX’s Commitment to Industry-Low Failure Rates: How Silicon Valley’s Leading OEM Appliance Manufacturer Achieves Quality

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One of the distinguishing factors that keeps customers returning to AMAX as an OEM Appliance Manufacturing partner is how well we put our products to the test.  Seriously, we mean business!  Guaranteeing that products never leave our facility without being put through a battery of tests is our way of protecting your brand and bottom line. Quality translates into a rock solid, reliable product, ensuring fewer warranty claims, less downtime and disruption to your end users, and an overall better customer experience of your brand. For nearly 40 years, AMAX has built a reputation of upholding the highest standards, giving ISVs, corporations, and data centers peace of mind knowing every system AMAX ships will be of the highest quality.


How can we speak so confidently?  Years and years of perfecting our manufacturing and testing process.

Executing Quality

  1. AMAX Testing Automation (ATA) – ATA is AMAX’s proprietary test suite designed to flag significantly more component errors than standard tests. Does this mean our parts are faultier? No. It means our standards are exponentially higher than industry standards, and anything less than perfect we consider a failure and will not ship out. ATA can be customized into a very specific test program using applicable diagnostics to evaluate performance against precise function requirements. It is able to capture all test and device logs for simplified data collection. Most uniquely, ATA is capable of testing large volumes simultaneously, allowing us to achieve aggressive manufacturing schedules while still maintaining quality.
  2. AMAX ISO 9001 5-Stage Quality Gate – our thorough 5-Stage quality process begins with testing individual components prior to manufacturing, followed by assembly based on centralized manufacturing process instruction to ensure accuracy and consistency of builds, then our proprietary ATA high-temperature burn-in stress test, Functionality Validation Testing (FVT), and a final QA inspection.
  3. Optional Add-On Tests – because our test programs are entirely customizable based on our customers’ needs, we have additional tests that can be administered during production: Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT), Design Verification Test (DVT), and Ongoing Reliability Test (ORT).

img_1553bBut it doesn’t stop there.  Recently, AMAX has invested in several Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) chambers to stress systems through a range of temperature settings. Industry reliability numbers have shown that simply doing a room temperature test or only a slightly elevated heated test will not catch all faulty or potentially weak components.  Therefore, a combination of both hot and cold stress tests in a controlled environment is the only way to ensure that all integrated components are thoroughly tested and likely to perform as needed in the field. With a temperature range between -30°C to over 100°C and at a 10°C/minute ramp rate, the new ESS chambers allow us to better simulate a variety of testing situations. A few more specifics about the ESS chambers:

  • Testing at cold temperatures will find any marginal connectivity issues in the system
  • Warmer temperatures will identify any network failures for borderline high speed signal devices
  • The ESS chambers are averaging about an 85% yield with most devices passing; however they are catching an additional 15% of failures that were not captured with earlier testing
  • Capacity of the ESS chamber is 40x 2U units at full capacity and up to 70x 1U units, depending on the rack design

ESS testing is an add-on service for customers who must have the most reliable and optimally-performing systems in the field. Once ESS testing is complete, systems progress through final stages of the 5-Stage Quality Gate into Final Test, where proper customer images and settings are verified, and logs are deleted before packing.

As many of today’s leading technology companies rely on AMAX to build the server and rackscale appliances that feature their company name, any quality or hardware performance issues can throw a wrench in customer adoption or negatively affect their brand. This is why AMAX strives to deliver platforms that are reliable beyond industry standards, and offers a slew of value-add services (Custom Branding, New Product Introduction Program (NPI), Global Logistics, etc.) to help its partners succeed fast and grow quickly.



Interested in partnering with us for your OEM appliance needs?  Learn more about our OEM Appliance Program here. We can’t wait to work with you!