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AI Reinvented – NVIDIA GTC 2018

Chloe Shi 0

Last week, NVIDIA kicked off its annual GPU Technology Conference with a keynote speech from Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, where he unveiled a series of advancements NVIDIA has made towards the future of real-time rendering and artificial intelligence. These announcements included the new high-end professional-grade Quadro GV100 GPU, a doubling of the memory for the Tesla V100 GPU accelerator, and the new DGX-2 Machine Learning supercomputer with scalable architecture based on NVIDIA’s NVSwitch low-latency networking fabric.

The new Quadro GV100, designed to be world’s most powerful workstation GPU, is the first Quadro graphic card to feature the Volta architecture, with NVIDIA RTX ray tracing technology. Equipped with 640 Tensor Cores, the GV100 delivers extreme memory capacity, scalability and performance for Deep Learning, rendering, VR, and AI applications. Quadro GV100 is now available integrated inside AMAX’s powerful Deep Learning workstations, the 2x GPU DL-E200 and 4x GPU DL-E400, to deliver the best-in-class DevBox for studios, start-ups and labs.

The upgraded Tesla V100 delivers 2x boost in local memory capacity from 16GB to 32GB, with the goal to tackle the most memory intensive Deep Learning and HPC applications. The additional memory now enables data scientists to overcome CPU-to-GPU memory transfer bottlenecks, and train complex Deep Learning models with a 50% increase in performance and efficiency. The new Tesla V100 32GB is now available with all of AMAX’s Award-Winning Deep Learning servers. Each system is configured and optimized to meet each customer’s compute requirements, stage of development and performance goals.

The most shocking announcement at GTC 2018 was NVIDIA’s DGX-2, the most powerful supercomputer so far. Weighing 350 pounds, the DGX-2 is world’s first 2-PFLOPS Deep Learning system, packing 16 of the latest SXM3 V100s (featuring 32GB memory) to accelerate the newest AI models that were previously impossible to train. According to NVIDIA, a DGX-2 system can train FAIRSeq, an advanced language translation model developed by Facebook, in less than two days – a 10x improvement in performance compared to DGX-1. The DGX-2 is now open for preorders through AMAX, and is targeted to ship in Q3 on a first order/first ship basis, so get your spot now! On-site training and installation with be provided by AMAX as an official NVIDIA Elite Partner.

For GTC this year, AMAX showcased its dedication in providing the best-in-class Deep Learning platforms to fast track AI development at any scale—development to hyperscale production. AMAX offers the most comprehensive line of GPU-integrated solutions optimized for Deep Learning—from high-performance workstations for development, high-density GPU servers, to large-scale production-ready GPU clusters, delivering unmatched performance-per-dollar and performance-per-watt level. Being a one-stop solution provider for all Deep Learning development needs, AMAX’s highly technical and experienced engineers work closely with our customers to analyze specific requirements and performance goals to recommend the optimal platform and configuration to fit their needs. To learn more about AMAX’s systems featured at GTC 2018, please visit Or schedule your technical consultation today by emailing and putting “GPU Solutions Technical Consult” in the subject line.