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AMAX Suzhou Moved into New Building

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A grand housewarming ceremony was held on June 6 2012, to celebrate Amax Information Technologies Suzhou Inc. moving into a new building. AMAX CEO Mr. Jerry Shih, General Manager of AMAX Suzhou Mr. Dennis Huang, and a few of AMAX partners and clients presented at the ceremony.

Mr. Jerry Shih and Mr. Denis Huang cutting the ribbon at the ceremony

AMAX CEO, Mr. Jerry Shih delivered a passionate speech, giving thanks to all the partners for their continuous support and to the staff for their hard work. He also encouraged everyone to innovate bravely to reach new heights and contribute to the company growing.

AMAX CEO, Mr. Jerry Shih delivering his speech

AMAX CEO, Mr. Jerry Shih painting the eyeball of the dancing lions

General Manager of AMAX Suzhou, Mr. Dennis Huang said in his speech that it was a milestone of AMAX Suzhou moving into this new building. “Moving into this new building is solid evidence of AMAX Suzhou development. AMAX is gathering the best talents and delivering upgraded services to our clients. Meanwhile, AMAX is continuously improving the working environment for our employees and encouraging innovation. We’ll continue our high spirits and work hard to provide the best products and services to our clients!”

General Manager of AMAX Suzhou, Mr. Dennis Huang was giving the speech

Ride on the crest to success

The size of the new building is 70,000 square feet, which brings the total manufacturing capacity of AMAX China to roughly 100,000 square feet.