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Lions & Tigers & Bears… Oh My!!

Chloe Shi 0

How AMAX’s 30+ years of Supply Chain Management Protects its Customers

AMAX has always strived to uphold its strong reputation by being proactive in identifying and capitalizing on industry trends and by providing the best performance and value of a wide range of products and solutions to our customers.  Part of AMAX’s success throughout over three decades of being in business can be attributed to AMAX’s strong, mature supply chain.  Lions, Tigers, Bears, natural disasters & economic downturns – AMAX fears not!  In order to remain profitable and champion the commitment we make to our customers, AMAX has had to be both strategic and selective about its partners that it chooses to do business with as a part of the AMAX supply chain ecosystem.

It is precisely this reason that AMAX partners ONLY with stable and financially sound suppliers.  This not only protects AMAX, but protects our customers from serious supply chain disruptions – much like what occurred with the Thailand floods and the Hard Disk Drive supply situation, during which AMAX pledged to hold prices constant on ALL products where AMAX had secured availability of the drives and tightly controlled the supply chain, buying drives from ONLY qualified official channels rather than drives with questionable quality or origins.

But don’t take it from us, how about a word from one of our esteemed suppliers, Emulex?

“Our partnership with AMAX is a great example of how channel partners are doing more than just reselling, they are developing real solutions to solve real customer problems,” said Shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing and business development, Emulex. “We share AMAX’s dedication to quality, performance, reliability and customer commitment, and address customers’ needs for high performance computing, big data, virtualized and cloud environments, with a broad range of I/O connectivity solutions that take enterprise data centers to the next level, while reducing OPEX.”

A global manufacturing footprint, combined with extensive knowledge and understanding of the global supply chain system, has given AMAX and our customers a distinct advantage in the market.  But most importantly, AMAX’s strategic, selective supply chain operations enables our customers to remove “supply chain disruption” from their vocabulary.  AMAX = more than meets the eye?  You betcha.