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April Showers Bring May…Open Compute!

Chloe Shi 0

May has been a pretty eventful month for AMAX, and we are excited to say the least!  To kick things off, on May 6th, we announced our status as an official OCP solutions provider.  Now, that’s all fine and dandy…  “but where is the hardware that you speak of?” you’re probably asking.  Well, just two days after announcing that we would be one of but a handful of official OCP solution providers to serve the rapidly growing open compute community, we exclusively showed the actual hardware at the 2013 Interop IT conference & expo in Las Vegas!

Eli the Computer Guy did a brief video segment covering our OCP solutions at Interop. Thanks, Eli!

OCP is real, the technology & design principles for server technology are here to stay, and we at AMAX believe that it will truly revolutionize the way server hardware is designed & deployed.  Yes, OCP presents a great opportunity for AMAX (we wouldn’t invest if it didn’t make some sort of business sense, afterall), but it represents an even greater opportunity for our customers.  Previously, OCP hardware was reserved only for the big boys at Facebook, Google and others.  Why should the most efficient rack-level server solutions be locked away and kept only for the big guns of the industry?  After all, this is the OPEN compute project, right?  That’s what we said, too.  By heavily investing our engineering efforts and dollars into the open compute community, AMAX can now bring an even more efficient compute architecture to the masses!

Now, you could argue that opening up the hardware will lead to less differentiation in the market since everyone will be offering the same standardized hardware – but really, that’s already the case in the “whitebox” market.  And while it’s true that OCP efforts will further commoditize the hardware, the reality is that it takes an incredible amount of engineering expertise and know-how to integrate all of the individual pieces of open hardware as well as the corresponding software, no matter the application.  Many of our competitors may know how to build & test servers, and that’s great!  But that’s only the first step, and when it comes to deploying full turnkey, multi-rack solutions that power on and work as advertised (hardware & software), there are very few that can say with confidence, “it works!”  But AMAX can.  We’ve been in business since 1979, have always been at the forefront of technology, and have continued to push the envelope with new, open technologies that we can provide to the masses.

We hope you’re as excited about OCP as we are.