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AMAX 2011

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It’s 2011 and for many IT service providers and departments who constantly address essential IT tasks and maintenance issues, it’s a good time to plan your activities and system requirements for the New Year.

But before we can look forward, here’s a quick recap of 2010 here at AMAX. With record-breaking attendance at SC10, AMAX is proud to be part of a small community of companies that build high performance computing solutions. Along the way, we successfully launched several new innovative platforms including 5U 16-GPU and 8-way GPGPU servers, high-density storage platforms, and a new line of ClusterMax HPC cluster solutions. We also wrapped up the year by winning the prestigious Supplier of the Year Award from McAfee and hitting key milestones in both company growth and revenue.

We have a lot of exciting things in pipeline for 2011. Our systems are exceeding petascale performance and we are working hard to surpass technology limitations by continuously introducing denser and faster heterogeneous GPGPU cluster solutions. We’ll create next-generation platforms running at trillions of calculations per second targeted at high-performance computing segments such as exploration, scientific research, financial, and climate simulation to extend AMAX’s role in accelerating science and discovery.

We’ll utilize this column to share anecdotes, industry trends, engineering recommendations, and popular tips over the upcoming months to help ensure your systems and datacenters are properly maintained and you’re always on the pulse of what’s new.

Stay tuned and feel free to send us inquiries, questions or comments.

Happy New Year!