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AMAX’s CloudMax Converged Cloud Solution Featured in Intel’s Server Innovation Award Winner’s Spotlight

Julia Shih 0

As you may or may not know, last April, AMAX’s CloudMax Converged Cloud Infrastructure Platform won Intel’s prestigious 2014 Server Innovation Award given to the most groundbreaking data center solution that resulted in direct ROI for a client. Intel has recently published a featured spotlight write-up about the win on their Intel® Technology Provider website.

AMAX’s CloudMax™ Converged Cloud Infrastructure Platform is a rack-level solution architected using Facebook-inspired Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware that allows clients to run various applications such as web, cache, data analytics, storage and cloud services within the same rack. Designed for ultimate density, modularity and power/cooling efficiency, CloudMax™ is geared towards responsiveness to business agility requirements and managing long-term operational expense through better efficiency and upgradability. Its inherently streamlined design requires only the simple changing of component-level configurations to repurpose servers as application needs change. All racks are shipped pre-loaded with the latest version of OpenStack, easily allowing applications to be loaded and ready to run within days. CloudMax™ is available with standard switching as well as an Open Switch option featuring SDN support availability, including an integrated Cumulus Linux offering.

In terms of real-world deployments, AMAX’s CloudMax™ Converged Cloud Infrastructure Platform was integrated as the platform for IO’s IO.Cloud solution. IO.Cloud is thought by the company to be the first commercially available Enterprise Cloud solution that is built on a fully-converged, open reference architecture, comprised of Open Compute designed hardware and OpenStack Cloud™ software. The reference architecture for IO.Cloud featuring AMAX’s CloudMax Converged Cloud Infrastructure platform can be found on the AMAX IO OCP Reference Architecture white paper.

To read Intel’s Winner Spotlight feature, you can access the article on the Intel® Technology Provider website (requires sign-in) or view the article as a pdf here.