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Posts published in “Data Center”

The Knight Has Landed

Chloe Shi 0

Enterprises looking to integrate GPU-like parallel computing into their HPC hardware without having to make any significant changes to their IT infrastructure should look no further–the Knight has landed. Intel…

AMAX & Emerson Network Power Discuss Redfish: The Future of Server Management Standardization

Chloe Shi 0

AMAX recently sat down with a team from Emerson Network Power to discuss Redfish, a server management spec intended to supersede IPMI. The goal of Redfish is to provide a management standardization across various server/storage platforms, networking and operating systems that can scale better than IPMI and give companies more flexibility and control of how they integrate and manage their data centers.

2016: Year of the Monkey (and the Hybrid Cloud)

Chloe Shi 0

The hybrid cloud has advantages for companies looking to scale in a cost-effective manner. It's more secure and flexible than public clouds and doesn't need to overprovision hardware for private clouds.