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Posts published in “AMAX News”

March Madness

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March Madness is shaping up as a good industry rebound month with major announcements in HPC and OEM technologies. The latest news includes NetApp picking up LSI’s Engenio business. According to…

Get Ready for Some Football!!!

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Whether you’re a Steelers fan or a Packers fan, we all share one thing in common. The LOVE for football. So while your streaming the game live online, catching the…

AMAX Website Renovations

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We’ve launched our redesigned website with new features and functionality to streamline information access and better serve you. This initiative reflects AMAX’s commitment to excellence through its enhanced x86 platform…

AMAX 2011

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It’s 2011 and for many IT service providers and departments who constantly address essential IT tasks and maintenance issues, it’s a good time to plan your activities and system requirements…