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7 Ways to Help You Build a Better Data Center

AMAX offers a full-service, customizable rack integration services for building out the hardware infrastructure solutions your data center depends on. Continue reading

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Black Box, White Box, No Box: How to balance the equation of CAPEX and OPEX for Today’s Data Center

Everyone in the data center space is looking to reduce CAPEX, but before you throw off the shackles of the OEMs to embrace a commodity buying strategy, there are some considerations to maximize the potential of this strategy. Continue reading

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IDF 2011 Insights + Meeting Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation

It seems like yesterday when our team remember the last Intel Developer Forum (IDF: http://www.intel.com/idf/), but it was almost 1 year ago from now.  Let us explain it a little bit for those who are new to IDF. It is … Continue reading

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