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AMAX wins ASML 2020 Supplier Award

AMAX is honored to win the 2020 Supplier Award from ASML Holding, the world’s largest semiconductor supplier for photolithography systems.

AMAX’s Innovative Solution Highlights for Q4 2020

From next-gen accelerated HPC and liquid cooling solutions to purpose-built GPU PODs that run faster than the cloud – all delivered on premises […]

Why Do ISVs Need An Appliance Strategy?

Despite popularity of running software through the cloud and for ISVs to base their business models on selling software only to focus on […]

AMAX and Bright – Spanning Geographies, Going From Strength to Strength

By Jack Hanna – Bright Computing With SC week upon us, it has been a great opportunity to catch up with our partners […]

Is your server manufacturer handling your data appropriately?

As the need for thorough data security measures increases, AMAX continues to strengthen our processes and procedures in security management and information security. […]

Why UK OEM and solution providers must rethink manufacturing partners, supply chains, operations and logistics

COVID-19 has delivered both market and supply chain upheaval for many OEM sectors and Brexit will exacerbate matters. We still do not know […]

GPUs and CPUs? Understanding How to Choose the Right Processor for Your Workload

Enterprises that are developing systems to run intense AI workloads have two choices to do the heavy lifting: traditional CPU (central processing unit) […]

Brexit Guide 2021

Things are about to get uncomfortable. This guide gives you the clues on how to relax. As of 1/1/2021, the UK withdraws from the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union meaning trade and other agreements surrounding the UK’s membership of the bloc terminate. Businesses have been told to start preparing for a “no trade deal” exit…

8 Important Things to Consider Before Getting Started in a Rack Integration for Enterprise Server Rooms

Every enterprise that ever needed a server was required at some point to invest in its own infrastructure, hardware and maintenance solutions, and […]

Grow and Optimize Your IT Environment with Simple and Rapid Deployment Rack Integration Solutions

“Rack and stack” sounds like a catchphrase from an 80’s action film, but it’s actually nomenclature with an important meaning specific to today’s […]