What is Data Sovereignty?

The importance of data protection and data sovereignty is increasing more and more every day. It is estimated that people are generating quintillion bytes of data every day. People want to know where their data is stored and who has access to it. The issues surrounding data privacy are becoming more and more complex as companies expand and become international organisations. As more and more businesses are conducting operations online, countries all around the world are implementing privacy laws to secure the protection of data and privacy.

What is Data Sovereignty?   

Data sovereignty has become an increasingly popular topic with the widespread adoption of cloud computing. Data sovereignty means that the data collected, processed, and stored is subject to the laws and regulations of the countries location. It is about protecting sensitive information and ensuring it remains under ownership control.

It is country-specific, meaning that the data must remain within the jurisdiction of where it originated. For example, if the data originates in a country in the European Union (EU), the data should be stored in the EU and bound by EU laws and regulations must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These laws will impose significant restrictions and challenges for companies that conduct international business resulting in compliance challenges for users and providers. If a company is not compliant with these laws and regulations, it can face hefty penalties. Maintaining authority and data within jurisdictional boundaries is imperative for data security purposes and ensures your data is compliant with the country’s laws and regulations.

How can we help?

So how can companies achieve global scale but adhere to data privacy laws and remain compliant? AMAX has collaborated with Sardina Systems, a leading European operation management software developer. This strategic partnership delivers a fully integrated turnkey solution with AMAX’s IT infrastructure and Sardina Systems FishOS private cloud management software to enterprise customers.

FishOS software solution is specifically designed to maximize data sovereignty on trusted infrastructures, with certified, isolated hardware that meets even the strictest data hosting requirements. This solution can be deployed in multiple data center locations based on local regulatory requirements within the EU countries. The joint IT infrastructure includes health monitoring, resource optimization, and disaster recovery systems to protect data and secure, uninterrupted business operations. It will be built and deployed from the AMAX EMEA headquarters full production facility in Shannon, Ireland, and can be shipped worldwide.

Contact our AMAX EMEA team to learn more about this solution mailto:info@amax.ie

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