Is your server manufacturer handling your data appropriately?

As the need for thorough data security measures increases, AMAX continues to strengthen our processes and procedures in security management and information security. As part of that commitment, AMAX is now ISO 27001 certified, an internationally recognized standard defining best practices for information security management systems. One of the distinguishing factors for AMAX as an OEM appliance manufacturer is our commitment to a safe and secure approach. The ISO 27001 certification brings our clients peace of mind that AMAX embraces a consistent, internationally recognized approach and guarantees that your data is handled in a robustly secure manner. The new certification reinforces AMAX’s already industry-leading manufacturing capabilities and continues to raise the bar for manufacturing excellence.

AMAX also ensures that all components used in production are verified authentic, not tampered with, and are handled in a secure manner throughout the supply chain. This is accomplished through various established processes:

  • Conducting business with and obtaining components from credible, authorized distributors, or directly from the manufacturer.
  • Regularly auditing our suppliers’ processes to certify that the material is routed directly from the manufacturer to the distributor in a safe and secure manner. This includes having the supplier scan and verify that the parts are correct and authentic via SKU/UPC; then storing the material in a warehouse closely monitored 24/7 by on-site security and video surveillance.
  • Evaluating components meticulously based on specific inspection criteria unique to the individual incoming product item. Any damaged or broken packaging, torn seals, or cut tamper-proof labels are automatically rejected and full analysis is required to be performed on the entire lot.
  • Inspecting packaging, authenticating product for revision, serial number, pack date and quantity, and verifying the visual appearance/overall condition of the part.
  • Our production and manufacturing floor is completely controlled by electronic badge access. Production servers are kept in locked cabinets, and live video surveillance is recorded and monitored 24/7. All products are sealed prior to being stored in the warehouse.
  • Being an active member of GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program), the primary objective is to avoid the use and delivery of items that are counterfeit, suspected to be counterfeit, or contain a major critical non-conformance. This membership enables us to remain knowledgeable with all of the latest safe and secure procedures and compliance.

For more than 40 years, today’s leading technology companies rely on AMAX to build their server and rack scale appliances. AMAX is committed to following the highest standards for our customers and continues to improve all levels of business operations from an organizational level to the product and service level. Learn more about our OEM Server Manufacturing Program here. Interested in partnering with us for your OEM appliance needs?  Contact us

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