Why Immersion Cooling Is Essential

In the modern world, virtually any advanced technology involves data analyzing or processing. We are talking about terabytes, petabytes, and even more volumes of data. The problem facing data processing revolves around the exponential growth of data compounded by the need to analyze it in real-time, which requires an infrastructure that can handle a large number of workloads and the excessive heat generated in the process.

To quickly and effectively manage, use, and access petabytes of data, companies, and data centers need to consider an established, enterprise-reliable cooling solution with the most optimized performance per watt per dollar.

To address that concern, AMAX designed a density-optimized server for modern datacenter immersion racks. Liquid immersion cooling allows the whole server to be immersed completely where the coolant is in direct contact with the processing units itself. Most of the contributors to internal thermal resistance are eliminated. Direct liquid immersion cooling offers a high heat transfer coefficient that reduces the temperature rise of the processors surface above the liquid coolant temperature. The rack is filled with a nontoxic, non-conductive coolant which has 1200X the heat capacity of air. Heat from the servers is absorbed by the   coolant and quickly removed from the rack. The result is a supremely energy-efficient datacenter cooling system with a cooling capacity up to 100 kW/rack that preserves the hardware component at the same time.

Benefits of AMAX’s 2U 4-Node Density-Optimized server, ServMax®AE-2484L:

  • Reduce overall operational cost and downsize backup infrastructure.
  • Improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by reducing server power usage by up to 20% or more.
  • Reduce cooling energy costs up to 95% by eliminating fan vibrations, dust and moisture contamination, and oxidation risks.
  • Outstanding performance of handling exorbitant AI and HPC workloads.
  • Reduce latency and increase speed deployment.

Talk to our technical solution experts on how AMAX can scale your data center infrastructure more efficiently at info@amax.com.

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