Financing Programs

Technology Financing Overview

As technology advances in today’s fast-paced environment, companies need state-of-the-art equipment to maintain a competitive edge while reducing operating costs with maximum returns. To help our customers stay competitive, AMAX offers a full array of dynamic financing programs that are flexible and tailored to specific needs, giving companies the ability to acquire the equipment they need now, while easily adding or upgrading to the technology they’ll need in the future.


100% Financing. Financing bundles 100% of the equipment cost into one lease with room to add soft costs including training, installation and maintenance.

No Down Payment. A security deposit equal to two months rental payments is usually all that is required.

Possible tax savings*. If a company is in the 34% tax bracket and has a lease with a monthly payment of $500, the payment may be reduced to $330 – that’s a monthly savings of $170 ($500 x 34%) or $2040 annually. *Consult your tax advisor.

Flexibility. Customize a lease to fit your particular situation with skip payments or seasonal payments.

Increase profits immediately. With leasing, you only need to cover the monthly payment for the new equipment to be profitable from the first month. Example of the cost effectiveness of a lease: A monthly payment of $500 divided by 30 days = a daily cost of only $16.67! Divide $16.67 by 8 work-day hours to get an hourly cost of $2.36!

Preserve bank credit lines. Leasing doesn’t affect your bank borrowing limits. You still have 100% of your credit available.

Avoid obsolescence. Upgrade Leases are easy with most modern equipment always available.

Conserve working capital. Cash isn’t tied up in overhead; it’s free for income producing investments.

Potential accounting benefits. Monthly payments may be deductible as operating expenses rather than accounting for the equipment as an asset.