MATRIX GPU Cloud™ "Deep Learning-In-A-Box" Solution


Designed to transcend limitations of physical GPUs, the MATRIX GPU Cloud™ platform delivers a revolutionary full-cycle Deep Learning solutions to scale GPU resources and fast track AI development.

Available in a comprehensive line of plug & play appliances to fit the widest range of AI development & deployment scenarios, MATRIX can be used as standalone engines, or as building blocks to scale highly elastic, self-service AI infrastructures supporting virtually any bare metal, virtualized or container environment.

  • Jump start Deep Learning projects with all major Deep Learning software library preloaded to minimize administrative and IT related tasks
  • Use state-of-the-art Docker Container technology to easily create, manage and port environments
  • Create project specific machines on demand from a GPU resource pool and spin off fully configured environments within seconds via GPU over Fabrics technology
  • Dynamically allocate GPUs across multiple jobs and users for increased flexibility and optimal hardware utilization
  • Easily upgrade non-GPU clusters to virtual GPU clusters via GPU over Fabrics, at minimal cost and disruption to existing infrastructures.
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