AMAX is a leader in the HPC field, specializing in GPU Cluster Solutions. AMAX is one of only a few vendors in world that is backed by two giants in the cluster market space: Nvidia and Intel. AMAX is an Nvidia Tesla Prefer Provider and is also part of Intel's Cluster Ready Program. This combined partnership, in conjunction with AMAX's engineering prowess, enables us to offer highly scalable and energy efficient HPC clusters that are optimized to your environment and will dramatically accelerate your applications.


AMAX's ClusterMax™ SuperG GPU clusters are powered by the NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPU computing platforms, based on NVIDIA's K40/K80 GPU Computing Accelerators, the world's fastest and most efficient high performance computing (HPC) companion processor. The Tesla "Kepler" architecture delivers 3 times higher performance per watt than the previous "Fermi" compute architecture, enabling hybrid computing dramatically easier, and applicable to a broader set of computing applications.


Scale your science with AMAX's pre-configured Tesla™ GPU SimCluster, an off-the-shelf and ready-to-deploy cluster solution with both hardware and software. Available in configurations that supports NVIDIA's K40/K80 GPU Computing Accelerators, it delivers the easiest way to buy, use and manage GPU-based research cluster. With AMAX's Tesla GPU SimCluster, academic research departments can take GPU-accelerated apps from workstation to multi-node cluster, speeding research and discovery.


ClusterMax™ clusters are capable of providing up to 426 Teraflops of peak single precision and 142 Teraflops of peak double precision performance - per rack! This computational powerhouse can crunch numbers faster, solve equations quicker, and predict the weather forecast more accurately. Having massive amounts of computational power is great, so we've also designed ClusterMax™ to scale with your workload to hundreds or thousands of nodes.


To enable this extreme level of performance, our team of HPC engineers have carefully taken into consideration rack power, associated cooling requirements, and floor space necessary. In addition, system performance is verified via HPL-CTCS (High Performance Linpack) and system-level performance optimizations are made.


All the power and scalability in the world is worth so much more when you're able to work within an open architecture computing environment. Being open means that we design and customize a solution to meet exact project requirements using the newest, highest performing components the industry has to offer, regardless of vendor. It also means easier maintenance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Absolutely nothing is proprietary except AMAX's dedication to engineering perfection.

"AMAX was the only vendor that could provide a computational GPGPU cluster with our exact specifications. They engineered a solution that not only met, but exceeded our wildest expectations."

- Andreas Glatz, Systems Engineer,
Argonne National Laboratory

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