How compliance protects your customers and supports industry

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Our commitment

We care about the environment, and we care about the people working in our facilities. That’s why we’re proud to have ISO 26000 and 14001. To this end, we focus on product waste management and recycling. We also support employees around the world with fair working conditions.

So, while compliance may create a little extra complexity, we support the international effort to improve conditions for workers and the environment. We can help you manage the complexity of compliance in your industry.

Safe and secure

Security is a number one concern for all customers today. That’s why certifications matter to all of us. This is whether we’re working with government or international companies. If you’re working with data sensitive applications, our ISO 27001 certification will ensure compliant data security and handling.

We can handle your safety and security compliance needs. Whether you need dedicated space for your build or help to navigate certifications, we’re on point. And our global presence makes it easier to accommodate citizenship requirements you may have. All our locations are ISO certified.

Specialty Certifications

While we have the most common certifications, such as ISO 9000, we also have some specialty certifications as well. So, if you need TL 9000 to ensure quality manufacturing or ISO 13485 for medical devices, we’ve got you covered.

When you ship appliances across the globe, certification becomes key. That’s because, without those certifications, you won’t be able to ship products into some countries. We can absolutely help make sure that you have the certifications you need. If we don’t have the capability in-house, we will work with one of our many partners to align with compliance for your project.

Certifications include:

ISO 9001/TL 9000

(Quality Management System)

ISO 13485

(Medical Devices Quality Management Systems)

ISO 14001

(Environmental Management System)

ISO 26000

(Social Responsibility)

ISO 27001

(Information Security Management System)

Product and safety compliance

We are meticulous about product safety and compliance. For instance, maybe your headquarters are in New York, but you ship to customers in Brazil, the UK and Japan. We ensure that your solution meets all local and regional product and safety requirements. Our team knows which standards you need to comply with, what tests are necessary and how to meet legal requirements for any country you need to ship to.

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