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Our Configure-To-Order (CTO) Services are designed for the fastest and most efficient way to configure and ship a variety of SKUs in response to ship requests. Depending on the extent of the CTO required, systems can be turned around in as little as hours after an order is placed. This service is particularly useful for ISVs who offer a large range of product SKUs, or who offer their customers flexibility in configurations within their products.

How CTO Works

The CTO service is a highly nimble manufacturing process that stages systems at a common build point. Once ship requests are received, specific SKUs are then configured-to-order based on the specific ship request, and continue through standard manufacturing and testing processes before shipping.

CTO services are field-proven in allowing ISVs to achieve optimal manufacturing cost savings while rapidly responding to customer demand, particularly during the crucial end of quarter burst periods. CTO services are customized to each customer's manufacturing and turnaround demands, and can be flexibly adapted based on production scale, platform diversity and deployment needs.

AMAX’s CTO program, in conjunction with our ability to accommodate customer-specific requirements, is one of the many key differentiators in how we successfully help software vendors introduce and manage server appliances to maximize product revenue.