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Custom Branding Services


When it comes to appliance design, AMAX will work with you to achieve your desired branding and appearance. From custom bezels and faceplate lighting effects to product packaging and documentation, we have numerous design options for you to choose from. With AMAX custom branding, you can achieve the look and feel you desire in order to enhance your brand identity in the marketplace.

Custom Fixed Bezel
Pop-Off Bezel
Drop-Down Bezel
Flip-Cover Bezel
Polycarbonate Overlay
Badges & Labels

Customization Options

  • Bezels & Faceplates
  • Packaging
  • Labels & Logos
  • Chassis
  • Product Documentation
  • Cabinets


AMAX can work with you to create customized faceplates and bezels to give your appliance a unique identity, offering a variety of materials such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, vinyl overlay, and plastic molding to provide the ultimate aesthetic flexibility. With a range of LCD options, LED light indicators, and various silk screening effects, you can choose exactly how you want to style your appliance for maximum brand recognition. AMAX provides a wide range of standard faceplates and bezels that can help enhance brand identity and recognition.

Labels & Logos

We have the capability to custom design labels and logos printed on vinyl, lexan, mylar and aluminum, as well as a variety of other materials that will fit your desired look and feel. Additionally, custom labels and logos can be any size, shape and color depending on specific system dimensions, and are ideal solutions for company logos, model labels, serial numbers and UL/FCC/CE compliance labels.

Product Documentation

AMAX works closely with OEM and ODM customers to provide comprehensive and professionally-worded user manuals, specifications and installation guides to be included with your appliance. As a result of this collaboration, we can ensure the quality and quantity of our product documentation.


AMAX produces custom chassis for systems requiring unique form factors, from 14.5" short depth front I/O chassis to 8U 48-bay redundant chassis designs. We can also manufacture custom chassis and enclosures for precise board or custom applications. Additionally, AMAX manufactures chassis components such as I/O shields, hot-swap drive carriers, and other peripherals.


AMAX offers customizable cluster cabinets with a variety of height options, from 11U to 42U. AMAX can manufacture, print, silkscreen, and label the cabinets with your unique look and branding. Beyond cosmetic customization, rack cabinets can be specially designed to comply with the strictest industry requirements and specifications, such as those for Semiconductor, Medical, Telecom, and Data Center applications. For example, if your Semiconductor cluster application has seismic and antistatic requirements, AMAX can manufacture the cabinet doors with anti-static lexan and outfit the cabinet with seismic brackets to meet your requirements.


AMAX offers customized packaging to further enhance the unique brand identity of your server appliance platforms. From standard boxes with your branding, to specially-designed boxes complete with special packaging requirements and artwork, AMAX will work closely with you to create packaging that represents your brand from the very first impression.