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Manufacturing Services



Global Reach Centralized Management

At AMAX, we deploy lean smart manufacturing standards and practices to bring your products to market with greater flexibility, quality, and assurances. From a rich array of configurable assembly services and configure-to-order solutions, we provide complete reliability testing, traceability, inspection, and burn-in to assure product designs meet or exceed required manufacturing specifications and cost efficiencies.

High-Mix To Hyperscale Production

AMAX specializes in many-mix L6 to L12 manufacturing. Whether building CTO systems in response to real-time ship requests, or high volume production runs of servers or fully integrated rack solutions, AMAX offers the ultimate flexibility to support any volume, scaling seamlessly as your manufacturing needs grow. Solutions are built to your desired specifications, complete with the quality and consistency that AMAX customers have come to rely on.

Highest Manufacturing Standards

To ensure build consistency and verifiable quality, AMAX systems are manufactured to the highest ISO manufacturing standards. AMAX incorporates lean and green manufacturing techniques in order to increase production flexibility, reduce labor content, facilitate rapid model change-over, and increase line productivity.

Global Consistency

AMAX’s global manufacturing sites replicate the same production setup and protocols across all locations, connected by a single pane of management and integrated information systems. Manufacturing build instructions are shared across all locations, ensuring the utmost quality and consistency, no matter where products are manufactured.

Genealogy Tracking

AMAX provides customers complete transparency and control of their assets by tracking all system and component serial numbers of every system built. These can be retrieved through the customer portal or exported as reports.

Quality Control

AMAX continually analyzes quality data to focus on the highest quality of all aspects of the manufacturing process, from the reliability of components used to manufacturing procedures. All builds go through manufacturing yield analysis where product quality protocols, burn-in testing, imaging, and final QA data are constantly reviewed by our QA team. At AMAX, we ensure the highest quality in custom manufacturing via the AMAX 5-Stage Manufacturing Process.

AMAX ISO 9001 5-Stage Quality Gate

Stage 1: Component Testing

All components are tested to check for compatibility and reliability prior to assembly.

Stage 2: System Assembly

AMAX follows an established ISO:9001 methodology for the preparation, release, maintenance, and control of Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI) to ensure build consistency across each and every system.

Stage 3: High Temperature Burn-In Stress Testing With ATA

AMAX tests systems at the component, system and fully integrated rack level using its proprietary test automation suite (ATA) during the high-temperature burn-in stage. ATA flags parts that fail during testing for replacement, as well as parts that underperform, resulting in the highest yield and field performance of AMAX-produced solutions.

Stage 4: System Functionality Testing And Software Image Loading

Engineers perform functional and input/output tests; all results are documented in a test report database. Software loading and custom settings are also performed and verified at this stage.

Stage 5: Final Quality Inspection

Each system goes through a Final Quality Inspection consisting of visual and specification adherence inspections.

Software Imaging

AMAX offers advanced imaging services for a variety of different software and deployment types, including content imaging variations such as: pxe, hdd duplication, ghost, and hard media load. We can also support different OS/software distributions, licensing requirements, and client-specific configurations. For customers who have special imaging or testing equipment requirements, we also have customized programs available to facilitate and host your infrastructure at our location.

Additional Services

  • Compliance Testing/Agency Product Registration Certification Services
  • Compatibility & Validation Testing
  • ORT Testing (Ongoing Reliability Test)
  • Packing Drop Testing
  • Special Testing Reports: ORT, Shock and Vibration, and Certification Reports
  • In-House Flexstar HDD/SSD Test Chamber for conducting Failure Analysis, Performance Testing, & Reliability Testing. Results are in days, not weeks.