Remanufacturing Services


AMAX is your go-to partner for after-market support, serving as an extension of your company's service capability by providing refurbishment and remanufacturing services that restore your product to like-new condition. Based on extensive experience supporting RMA programs for global OEM customers, AMAX has designed best practices for managing system and component lifecycles, as well as program and drop ship logistics. This includes product scrapping, testing and restoring returned systems to "like-new" condition, so that end users can receive products with all the accessories, documentation and packaging that is representative of a new product.

Our comprehensive refurbishment and remanufacturing services includes aesthetically remanufacturing returned units, reconditioning, retesting and reimaging to MPI specifications, replacing missing accessories and documentation, restoring the unit to new standards, and making the product ready to ship. Whatever your requirements, our remanufacturing program can be customized to meet your unique business needs and system specifications.

What really sets AMAX apart is the quality of our refurbished units. All RMA products are run through our efficient ETN (Equivalent-To-New) Service to quickly turn-around remanufactured systems at the same level of quality as brand new systems. Every system we build, whether new or remanufactured, goes through the same rigorous production, test and quality processes, to allow high volumes of shipping at the lowest field failure rates. Our remanufacturing program is a part of our enduring commitment to providing end-to-end support, with industry-leading field reliability.

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