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Try & Buy Demo Program Support


Offering a Try & Buy Demo Program can be a tangible and effective way to demonstrate the value of your products to your prospective customer base. AMAX can help you design your Try & Buy Demo Program and its parameters in a manner that is efficient and best supports your sales model. From there, AMAX can provide full maintenance and support for your Try & Buy Demo Program.

Demo Pool Inventory Management

AMAX will manage your demo pool inventory onsite at AMAX’s global facilities. All systems placed in the demo pool will be Equivalent to New (ETN), remanufactured and managed or scrapped based on your specifications. AMAX’s partner portal can provide real-time reporting of inventory activity as well as alerts.


AMAX will handle all Try & Buy Demo Program logistics, serving as an extension of your company. From processing ship requests to receipt of returned demo inventory, AMAX will handle all shipping and inventory logistics, as well as remanufacturing returned systems and/or scrapping, based on pre-defined parameters.


Once a customer sends back a demo system, AMAX will remanufacture the system Equivalent to New (ETN), based on pre-defined parameters. Our ETN service puts the returned system through the same rigorous production, test, and quality processes as our standard production units, which include retesting, reimaging, running through all ISO quality check gates, and replacing any accessories or documentation that may have been lost in the process. Once verified ETN, systems are placed back into the demo pool, ready for ship out to your next prospective customer.