AMAX [INTELLI]Rack AI is a turnkey Machine Learning cluster designed for optimal manageability and performance, featuring 96x NVIDIA® V100S cards for up to 1.34 PFLOPs per rack.


Turnkey Machine Learning Cluster


Designed for optimal manageability and performance, featuring 96x NVIDIA® V100S cards for up to 1.34 PFLOPs per rack. Delivered plug-and-play and fully-loaded, the solution features All-Flash storage for an ultra-fast in-rack data repository, 25G high speed networking, [SMART]DC Data Center Manager and an in-rack battery for graceful shutdown in power loss scenarios. [INTELLI]Rack AI is the perfect platform for on-premise AI clouds and DL-as-a-service, or to drop into any data center environment for the highest-performance in training and inference at scale.

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1x Compute Module

  • 4x DL-E280 2U 8GPU Servers
  • 32x Tesla V100/V100S
  • 10kW Power Requirement

2x Compute Module

  • 8x DL-E280 2U 8GPU Servers
  • 64x Tesla V100/V100S
  • 20kW Power Requirement

3x Compute Module

  • 12x DL-E280 2U 8GPU Servers
  • 96x Tesla V100/V100S
  • 30kW Power Requirement

Storage Module

2U 24x 2.5″ StorMax™ All flash storage appliance

Management Switch

  • Option A: 36 Port 100G EDR InfiniBand switch
  • Option B: 48 Oort 25GbE TOR switch
High Power Density Rack Cooling System

Rack Cooling System (Add On)

Cooling via an active rear door heat exchanger efficiently removes heat from GPU racks if existing data center cooling is not sufficient, and is substantially more cost effective than employing CRAC units. Fans in the rear door enable shared cooling between adjacent racks (only every 2nd or 3rd rack requires a rear door heat exchanger) and provide auxiliary cooling to existing cooling solutions.


  • Up to 75kW cooling capacity
  • High efficiency integrated heat exchanger
  • Adjustable PLC control system for active cooling
  • Up to 5 hot swappable centrifugal fans
  • EC Motor design with low energy consumption
  • Mission critical redundancy
  • Available remote monitoring interface
  • Leak prevention system/detection
  • Quick connect hoses

Optimized for Turnkey Solutions

Enable powerful design, training, and visualization with built-in software tools including TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, Theano, BIDMach cuDNN, NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit and NVIDIA DIGITS.