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Browse our master list of rackmount servers for a solution that meets your business-specific needs. You can search our diverse offering of Enterprise rack servers by form factor, socket type, CPU/GPU, core count, memory support, or any other specification that you require. You can also Contact Us if you are interested in a custom configuration, or want to learn more about AMAX server solutions.

Model FF CPU Storage Applications Ref #
ServMax XP-120 (A and B) 1U 2x E5-2600v4 8x 2.5" hot-swap
4x 3.5" hot-swap
Compute / HPC Q176584 (A)
Q171842 (2.5")
ServMax XP-220 (A and B) 2U 2x E5-2600 12x 3.5" hot-swap + 4x 2.5"
24x 2.5" hot-swap + 4x 2.5"
Compute / Storage / Converged / HPC Q171844 (2.5")
Q171843 (3.5")
ServMax XP-2200 (A and B) 2U2 2x 2x E5-2600v4 24X 2.5" hot-swap
12X 3.5" hot-swap
Compute / Storage Server / HA / HPC Q166535 (24x 2.5")
Q166534 (12x 3.5")
ServMax XP-2400 (A and B) 2U4 4x 2x E5-2600v4 24x 2.5” HDD/SSD Compute / General Purpose / HPC Q171852 (3.5")
Q171854 (2.5")
StorMax J212 2U n/a 24x 2.5" hot-swap JBOD Q160045
StorMax J224 2U n/a 24x 2.5" hot-swap JBOD Q160044 (dual)
StorMax S316 3U 2x E5-2600v4 16x 3.5" hot-swap + 2x 2.5" Compute / Storage / Converged Q171952
StorMax J460 4U n/a 60x 3.5" hot-swap JBOD Q171955
StorMax J470 4U n/a 70x 3.5" hot-swap + 2x 2x 2.5" SSD hot-swap JBOD Q173849
StorMax S424 4U 2x E5-2600 24x 3.5" hot-swap + 2x 2.5" (OS) Storage / Converged Q171954
StorMax S436 4U 2x E5-2600 36x 3.5" hot-swap Storage / Converged Q171955
StorMax S470 4U2 4x E5-2600 70x 3.5" hot-swap + 2x 2x 2.5" SSD hot-swap Compute / Storage Server / HA Q173849