At AMAX, our rackmount compute servers are assembled with precision and powered by the most cutting-edge server technology on the market. With custom configurations designed to handle mission-critical business applications, and ESXi compatibility to enable virtualized computing on any VMware environment, AMAX is the trusted provider for compute power, keeping leading businesses running optimally and efficiently.

Model FF CPU Memory Storage Expansion Connectivity Ref #
ServMax XP-120 (A and B) 1U 2x E5-2600v4 1.5TB 8x 2.5" hot-swap + NVMe options
4x 3.5" hot-swap
2x PCIe Dual1G/Dual 10G/40G/IB opt. Q176584 (A)
Q171842 (2.5")
ServMax XP-2200 (A and B) 2U2 Dual 2x E5-2600v4 2x 1TB 24x 2.5" hot-swap
12x 3.5" hot-swap
2x 2x PCIe Dual 2x 1G, IB or 2x 10G opt. Q171844 (2.5")
Q171843 (3.5")
ServMax XP-2400 (A and B) 2U4 Intel Xeon Silver 2x E5-2600v4 1 TB 24x 2.5” HDD/SSD 4x 1x PCIe Quad 2x 1G, 10G/40G/IB opt. Q171852 (3.5")
Q171854 (2.5")