Manufabrix for Enterprises

Programs that deliver the integrated building blocks and solutions that enterprises need to solve the most demanding issues and workloads

Building for the next generation enterprise IT

As the speed of innovation increases, agility is the imperative for any organization seeking competitive advantage in its industry. To achieve agility, IT systems today are a mixture of ‘on-ground’, cloud services and technologies where IT is moving towards increasingly modular, decentralized, virtual and software-defined architectures. The interconnection of data, business processes and continuous improvement requires that the hardware that runs the software can adapt at a faster pace than that of business change.

Manufabrix for Enterprises enables manufacturing programs for Enterprise IT builds. It is designed to simplify the process of acquiring next generation IT infrastructure solution builds that address today’s most demanding business challenges. Our experienced teams of program managers, certified solutions architects, and engineering teams manage your IT infrastructure builds and product lifecycle that meet the vision and targets of your project.

The depth and breadth of our technical capabilities combined with our strategic partner ecosystem serves as the extension to your organization’s business and IT needs. Our consultants identify, test, and validate emerging technologies and maintain roadmaps that drive clarity in IT transformation across multi-cloud environments

The purpose of IT infrastructure is to create value for its stakeholders and users. This starts with listening, gathering, and assessing the requirements. From industrial systems, media production, cloud gaming networks, to complex AI data processing and simulation systems, AMAX solution engineering teams can work with your business, product engineering and operations teams to perform feasibility analysis of the target project concept and deliver a functional and technical assessments report.

Although components in servers and racks are commonly viewed as commodity parts – and sometimes manufactured by the same ODMs, they do not always conform to its intended uses and workloads. Understanding the combination of module behaviors at the system level is required to achieve high performance of computing systems. Our dedicated engineering teams can create environments for simulation, testing and verification of workloads and run combinations of test automation checking and functional testing. Detailed report documentation outline performance areas, compliance and non-compliance are accompanied by recommendations and prioritization of areas that require solutions, improvements and substitute options.

Accurate, consistent and on-time delivery of IT infrastructure is essential to balancing the speed of business and technology. A vital piece in enterprise agility is a functioning and efficient ordering and fulfillment process that is based on responsive demand. AMAX helps turn your hardware infrastructure forecasts, costs, bill of materials, quotations, inventory, safety stock, and spares into purchase or production orders – industrializing your hardware technology supply chain costs -without vendor lock-in. Track and trace orders, historical designs and builds, revisions, and product lifecycles.

AMAX Enterprise build programs provide flexible warranty, replacement, and support plans that tailor and respond to the immediate and criticality of your enterprise IT systems, components and service delivery model. From weekly 8-5 pm help desk to 4 hour- next business day on-site support and 24/7 help desk services, our comprehensive services and direct access to experts enable you to dynamically and consistently ensure business continuity.

Build enterprise systems and clouds based on the latest Intel®, AMD, compute and storage technologies fully-tested and validated by AMAX across multi-vendor ecosystems.
Design your infrastructure with products and technologies from a number of Data Center Blocks (DCB), each optimized for a specific workload or business scenario.
AMAX standardized reference systems accelerate enterprise IT and data center deployments through pre-validation and testing. Experienced solution architects and manufacturing engineers work with IT and procurement teams to develop a hardware program optimized for your applications – including thermal, power, scalability, availability, configuration and integration of value-add components such as cooling systems, controllers, network, graphics, programmable acceleration, OS, containers, and virtualization.