Manufabrix™ for OEMs

Providing the program, services, and partnerships that product builders trust to outsource their product and solution lifecycle

Trusted manufacturing operations in the connected economy

In a world where customer experience and expectations are driving product development, the integrity of products has become a key competitive strategy for companies to achieve differentiation and product success. However, the speed of technology advances and constantly evolving customer needs are making it more difficult to achieve product integrity. Product designs, genuine materials, flow of information, compliance and procurement processes across supply chains can be highly technical and prolonged. Product variability, volumes and specifications constantly change. Lead times can become erratic. Costs can be driven up while customer satisfaction suffers.

Manufabrix™ is the digital platform that organizes and connects product development, supply chain, manufacturing and logistics processes to enable OEMs, ISVs, and service providers to build higher-quality products to market faster and meet their customers’ customized demands with greater product integrity. It provides an accurate picture of where your products are at any given time. From source to consumption, Manufabrix provides the capabilities across the extended value-chain network that product builders trust to implement safe and secure supply chains across its product lifecycles.

Manufabrix provides the capabilities across the extended value-chain network that product builders trust to implement safe and secure supply chains across its product lifecycles

Turnkey Servers, Software and Virtual Appliances

Server conceptual design
AMAX Server Prototype Design
Final Branded OEM Product

Software and virtual appliances are changing the way the software industry is packaging and distributing software across multi-cloud environments. With an appliances strategy, ISVs and OEMs have new opportunities to operate new business models to increase sales penetration and deliver value by offering on-premise and hybrid deployment offerings.

Turn disaggregated hardware and software into a competitive advantage – Pre-load the software, operating systems and virtualization onto specialized pre-configured hardware optimizations on a bare-metal configuration. Brand it with your logo or custom bezel. Offer simplified, portable, purpose-built solutions that deliver higher performance levels, security, ease of implementation and support.

Server Run-Time Environment
Virtual Machine Run-Time Environment
Container-Based Run-Time Environment

With highly nimble many-mix manufacturing capabilities, engineering, and a full menu of value-added OEM services – across a global footprint – AMAX tailors its integrated appliance programs across its digital platform to bring any appliance to market faster and safer.

Specialize with Configure-to-Order Processing and Manufacturing

In today’s competitive market, customers are demanding products that are tailored according to their own unique needs and wants. Configure-to-order (CTO) processing and manufacturing at AMAX is designed to provide the most efficient and cost effective way for OEMs to ship an expanded range of high variability in product SKUs – even after an order has been placed – to maximize product revenue.

Combinations of parts and assemblies are made to specific, pre-defined variants as semi-finished builds. When ship requests are received from the OEM, specific SKUs are then configured-to-order based on the specific requests, changes and parts, and continue through to manufacturing, testing, and documentation processes before packaging and shipping. Depending on the extent of the variability required, systems can be turned around in as little as hours after an order is received. This allows for specialization in response to your customer and market demands, flexibility in supply chains, and optimized inventory costs. CTO services are customized to each customer’s manufacturing and turnaround demands, and can be flexibly adapted based on production scale, platform diversity and deployment needs.

Specialize with configure to order manufacturing

Accelerate time-to-value with COTS Adaptation

Building modern technical products and solutions with shorter development schedules and minimal non-recurring engineering costs can be a perplexing journey – especially when computing applications and workloads demand optimal size, power, thermal, audile, networking, storage, and acceleration technologies to be delivered with minimal risks. Using commercial off-the-shelf components saves time and money, however it may not meet competitiveness and the unique requirements of your product, solution, or program.

A product custom designed from the ground up is quite expensive and time consuming. Through COTS Adaptation programs, our architects and engineers work with you to address development requirements ranging from design, modification and manufacturing based on available COTS components. We will also work with you on other ways to modify COTS to unique requirements such as frames and chassis, add-on and custom boards, support software, drivers and subsystem integration. Starting from detailed requirements capture, definition and specification, we will work with you to review flexible development, testing, compliance and manufacturing options – documented and managed on Manufabrix.

Increase sales conversion through Try & Buy and Partner Evaluation Programs

Increase sales efficiency without having to manage the complexities associated with logistics, operations, workflows, and costs of implementing try and buy, demo and evaluation programs. With a pre-defined managed program, customers and partners experience your product first hand, while enabling your field sales teams to focus on the customer opportunities and stages of the sales funnel – instead of spending time on registering, tracking, deploying, and retrieving demo units. AMAX can manage a tailored program supported by Manufabrix integrated supply chain manufacturing platform for:
• Field sales units
• Demonstration units
• Evaluation units
• POC units
• Try and buy units
• Trade show units
• Advance replacement units
We will also simplify the management of ordering, inventory, shipping, tracking, returns, refurbishment, unit updates, and integrate with your CRM and ERP systems to ensure proper accounting accruals.