ClusterMax™ SuperG Tesla P100

GPU Accelerated Supercomputing Cluster Solution

ClusterMax™ SuperG P-100 is a next-generation HPC cluster driven by the revolutionary NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU Accelerator, for breakthrough performance in high-performance technical computing.

ClusterMax™ SuperG P-100 clusters are powered by NVIDIA’s P100 GPU Computing Accelerator, the world’s fastest and most efficient high performance computing (HPC) companion processor. The Tesla® P100 Accelerator comes with 15.3 billion transistor per GPU, a new high performance interconnect that greatly accelerates GPU peer-to-peer and GPU-to-CPU communications, and new technologies to simplify GPU programming. This exceptional performance and power efficiency enables true hybrid computing, and makes HPC applicable to a broader set of computing applications.

Key Features Of Tesla P100

  • Extreme performance - Powering HPC, Deep Learning, and many more GPU Computing areas
  • NVIDIA® NVLink - NVIDIA’s new high speed, high bandwidth interconnect for maximum application scalability
  • HBM2 Fast - high capacity, extremely efficient CoWoS (Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate) stacked memory architecture
  • Unified Memory - Compute Preemption, and New AI Algorithms Significantly improved programming model and advanced AI software optimized for the Pascal architecture
  • 16nm FinFET - Enabling more features, higher performance, and improved power efficiency
  • Applications: Climate and weather modeling, CFD, CAE, computational physics, biochemistry simulations, data analytics, satellite imaging, machine learning and data analytics, and computational finance.


  • Delivers up to 387,072 GPU cores, 507+ Teraflops of double precision, 1,004+ Teraflops of single precision and, 2,019+ Teraflops of half precision performance per 42U cluster
  • Up to 1,728GB dedicated GPU memory
  • Supports dual socket 22-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processor series on host systems
  • Supports FDR/EDR InfiniBand fabric & real time InfiniBand diagnostics
  • Faster communication with InfiniBand using NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ RDMA technology
  • Cluster management and GPU monitoring software, including GPU temperature monitoring, fan speed, and power, providing exclusive access to GPUs in a cluster

Installed Software

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x/7.x, or SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 11.x 12.x, Red Hat Enterprise MRG
  • CUDA 7x/8x Toolkit and SDK
  • Clustering software

GPU Software Development Tools

  • Optional C-based software development tools and various libraries for GPUs
  • CUDA compatible clustering software

Complete Cluster Distribution

  • Free IPMI management suite
  • Seamless standard and custom application integration & cluster installation
  • Firmware upgrades & BIOS modification
  • Supports a variety of UPS and PDU configuration and interconnect options, including InfiniBand (FDR, EDR), Myrinet, Fibre channel, and Ethernet (Gigabit, 10GbE, 40GbE)

Clustered File Storage (From Terabyte To Petabyte)

  • Hardware design & software stack
  • Lustre/Open source file system (Redundancy across system nodes)

Complete Cluster Assembly And Set-Up Services

  • Configuration of cluster nodes and the network
  • Installation of applications and computers to offer a true replacement of the customer's IT department
  • Rapid deployment
  • Energy efficient cluster cabinets, high performance UPS and power distribution units for expert installation and setup of rack-optimized nodes, cabling, rails, and other peripherals

Rack Level Verification

  • Performance and Benchmark Testing (HPL)
  • ATA rack level stress test
  • Rack Level Serviceability
  • Ease of Deployment Review
  • MPI jobs over IB for HPC
  • GPU stress test using CUDA
  • Cluster management

Large Scale Rack Deployment Review

  • Scalability Process
  • Rack to Rack Connectivity
  • Multi-Cluster Testing
  • Software/Application Load
  • Cluster management

Download ClusterMax™ SuperG Tesla® P100 Datasheet

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