The MATRIX GPU Cloud™ solution is THE platform for fast tracking AI development and deployment. Powered by Bitfusion Flex, the MATRIX is a revolutionary DL-in-a-Box solution featuring complete AI environments with the latest Deep Learning frameworks, GPU virtualization technology for sharing and scaling resources, and intuitive UI for full control over workflow.

Deploy the MATRIX platforms as standalone dev boxes or building blocks for a highly elastic, self-service On-Premise GPU Cloud.

"AMAX was instrumental in helping us move off a costly AWS monthly spend to a performance-optimized, on-premise GPU infrastructure featuring their MATRIX products for our Deep Learning workloads. They designed everything from the high-compute density platforms, to optimizing the networking and cooling within our racks to avoid various potential performance bottlenecks."


10x Faster Deep Learning Development with MATRIX vs. Do-It-Yourself Approach

Deep Learning with MATRIX for Unmatched Efficiency

Deep Learning with Do-It-Yourself Approach

Key Benefits

  • Fully-inclusive, container-ized Deep Learning solution designed to work out of box
  • Load pre-built Docker environments featuring latest Deep Learning frameworks and data science libraries within seconds, or build your own
  • Easily update to the latest containers (environments) without disruption to running workloads
  • GPU over Fabrics Technology enables sharing & scaling of large numbers of GPUs across systems for multi-tenancy and highly-customizable self-service features
  • Dynamically allocate GPUs across multiple jobs and users for optimal resource utilization & efficiency
  • Easily scalable from single servers to multiple racks to support future expansions

Deep Learning Acceleration with MATRIX


Scalable Multi-Framework Deep Learning IDE

  • The MATRIX fully integrates Jupyter Notebook application, for a sharable GUI development environment that supports 40 different languages, including Python, Julia, R, Scala, etc.
  • Track development workloads via both GUI and CLI
  • Unmatched flexibility in GPU resource management via auto-allocation, and interactive workspace sharing across multiple users and workloads

MATRIX Technical White Paper

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